About XY Sense

XY Sense is a technology company on a mission to revolutionize the workplace through the power of AI. 

Founded in 2016 by Alex Birch and Luke Murray, XY Sense was born from a shared belief that we should be using data to create workplaces that people love. 

Our story starts way
back in workplace SaaS

Back in 2005, our CEO and co-founder, Alex Birch, co-founded Serraview; a Workplace and Relocation Management SaaS platform which grew globally and was later acquired. Luke Murray, our co-founder and CTO led engineering and product efforts at Serraview and this launchpad into real estate tech brought our co-founders together. 

While servicing global workplace teams, Alex and Luke stumbled upon a game-changing realization: enterprise workplace experience managers were crying out for insights into how their office space was actually being used.

After trialling existing solutions for measuring office occupancy and space utilization on the market and finding them lacking (e.g. too expensive, tracking devices not people, inaccurate data or prohibitively expensive), Alex and Luke envisaged a better way. 

In 2016, they founded XY Sense to simplify the capture and application of workplace utilization data. XY Sense launched in July 2020 having spent more than three years in stealth mode perfecting their next- generation occupancy sensor and workplace analytics solution.  

Since launching, XY Sense has rapidly gained popularity as the smart new sensor choice for enterprise property teams globally.

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Customers 14 countries


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Meet our leadership team

Our leadership team have a wealth of of experience scaling happy teams, systems and processes in high growth companies.

Together, we’re hands on and human first.

Alex Birch

CoFounder & CEO

Alex Birch CoFounder & CEO

Luke Murray

CoFounder & CTO

Luke Murray CoFounder & CTO
Jane Watson Head of People & Ops

Jane Watson

Head of People & Ops

Luc Bulot Head of Hardware

Luc Bulot

Head of Hardware

Shivaun Ryan Head of Customer Success

Shivaun Ryan

Head of Customer Success

Scott Martin

Head of Finance

Libby Owens

Head of Marketing


Backed by Blackbird

 “Real estate teams are still having to make high stakes planning decisions in the dark because they can’t access data they need. XY Sense is opening up whole new possibilities for these teams, helping them to plan that space using real-time, centimetre accurate data, in a way that’s completely new.”

“When we make an investment, we look for founders that have successfully navigated the idea maze of their industry. Alex and Luke are exceptional engineers who have a deep understanding of the needs of their customers because they’ve served them for nearly two decades.”

— Nick Crocker, Partner, Blackbird Ventures

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