Dashboard Release – Neighbourhood Optimisation

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Xy Sense New dashboards neighbourhood optimisation


Today, we’re excited to let you know about a new suite of neighbourhood analytics we’ve just launched.


Introducing Neighbourhood Optimisation Analytics

Neighbourhood Optimisation a new suite of analytics designed to help workplace teams understand and optimise space allocations for specific neighbourhoods or team zones in your office.

Hybrid workplaces are more complicated than traditional offices when it comes to that question of ‘how much space’ and ‘what types of space’ are now needed for different teams across your business.

To help with this challenge, we’ve designed our new Neighbourhood Optimisation dashboards to give you the actionable recommendations you need to better plan and manage space as teams return to offices.

What’s possible with Neighbourhood Optimisation?

  • Monitor and compare utilisation for specific team zones or neighbourhoods.

  • Analyse whether neighbourhoods are “under-utilised”, “ on target”, or “over-utilised”, as well as whether utilisation is growing or declining over time.

  • View recommendations for optimal desk allocations per neighbourhood/team and across floors/locations.

  • Simulate changes in desk and space allocation to understand workplace experience impacts.

  • Inform lease planning with high-fidelity capacity forecasts.

Watch the dashboard briefing

Check out the video below to learn more about how these dashboards work.


If you’re an existing customer, log in to the XY Sense app today and check out your Neighbourhood Optimisation insights!


Join a live demo!

Jump on a demo with our team today for a deeper dive on our Neighbourhood Optimisation analytics and learn why workplace teams LOVE XY Sense’s comprehensive analytics platform.

Neighbourhood Optimisation is just the beginning. Did you know XY Sense has the most comprehensive workplace analytics of any AI sensor provider? Learn more here.

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