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New Dasboard popular spaces snapshot


Today, we’re excited to let you know about a new dashboard we’ve released on the XY Sense analytics platform. 


Introducing the ‘Popular Spaces’ dashboard 

Popular Spaces highlights the busiest and quietest spaces within your office by analyzing average daily usage, what percentage of available spaces are used, and how full the spaces are. It also presents trends in usage over time on a weekly basis for each space type and the office overall. 

A snapshot of the XY Sense Popular Spaces Dashboard

A snapshot of the XY Sense Popular Spaces Dashboard

  • Understand which space types are the most popular with your employees at a glance! 

  • Explore supply vs. demand of different space types 

  • Track the popularity of space types across days of the week.. or hours in the day…


Watch the demo

Check out the video below for a full walk-through of this dashboard. 


Supporting an agile return to work strategy 

Use the Popular Spaces dashboard to understand whether the space needs of your workforce has changed since the introduction of flexible working schedules. 

  • Identify friction points – What days and times could teams struggle to find a desk or meeting room?

  • What are the hot and cold zones for space utilization on a given floor?

  • Should you consider retrofitting under-utilized space types to better suit the needs of your team? 

XY Sense Popular Spaces dashboards helps you answer these questions and more.

If you’re an existing customer, log in to the XY Sense app today and check out your Popular Spaces insights.


Popular Spaces is just the beginning…

Did you know XY Sense has a comprehensive library of advanced workplace analytics dashboards?

Analyze building, floor and desk level utilization statistics, meeting room occupancy analytics, neighbourhood balancing insights, team space forecasting and more!

Book a demo with our team today for a deeper dive on our comprehensive analytics offering. advanced workplace analytics

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