Dashboard Release – Predictive Utilisation

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New Dashboards Predictive Utilisation


Today, we’re excited to let you know about a new dashboard we’ve just launched.


Introducing the ‘Predictive Utilisation’ dashboard 

Predictive Utilisation is a new dashboard for property and workplace teams to quickly understand utilisation performance at a floor, building and portfolio level. Simply set a target utilisation rate for specific assets and monitor projected vs. actual utilisation to future proof your real estate strategy. 

  • Set and adjust utilisation targets by building or floor.

  • Track week-on-week utilisation trends by floor, building and across your portfolio.

  • Model growth rates to predict when utilisation targets will be met. 

  • Identify locations and floors which locations are being efficiently/inefficiently utilised (trending up or down).

  • Use filters to simply configure analytics (utilisation targets locations, data range).


Use the ‘Predictive Utilisation’ dashboard to find out how your return to work is really tracking 

Use the Predictive Utilisation dashboard to gather insights about your new ‘utilisation normal’ as teams return to offices.

  • Access your own utilisation barometer for RTO policy activation in different locations. Understand how different buildings and floors are progressing with their return to office.

  • Compare utilisation across teams and floors. Inform ratio planning for COVID capacity limits or newly hybrid teams. 

  • De-risk leasing and future office space planning by understanding when particular floors and locations will reach capacity.

XY Sense Predictive Utilisation dashboard helps you answer these questions and more.

If you’re an existing customer, log in to the XY Sense app today and check out your Popular Spaces insights.


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Predictive Utilisation is just the beginning. Did you know XY Sense has the most comprehensive workplace analytics of any AI sensor provider? Learn more here.

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