Entry sensor:
people counting,
made simple.

XY Sense Entry Sensors make it simple for workplace teams to accurately and anonymously count people entering and exiting spaces. With unprecedented occupancy insights, predictive capacity planning, and ESG-compatible installation, understanding people counts in your office has never been easier or more cost-effective.

Entery sensor for monitor people counts across a floor or location

What's possible with XY Sense?

Optimize your

Remove guesswork on average office attendance and right-size your workplace portfolio. When strategy is based on precise data, costs can be reduced without impacting workplace experience.

workplace strategy

Transition from fixed to flexible workplace seating models with confidence. Allocate space for teams based on verifiable professional monitoring and utilization data and take an agile approach to workplace decision making.

safe offices

Guide your return to office armed with highly accurate entry sensor data. By monitoring room and floor occupancy, office capacity limits and targeted cleaning are covered.

Supercharge workplace experience

Every workplace and team is unique and so are their space needs. Easily identify and resolve office friction points and provide new, real-time space views to boost workplace experience.

What makes our Entry Sensors so powerful?

High positional accuracy for richer data capture Real-time data with unparalleled accuracy
Feature 01

Rich, real-time data
with unparalleled accuracy

XY Sense captures sightings down to 1ft (30cm) every 2 seconds with no lag time, delivering intelligence way beyond the simple counting of people at desks. Drive long-term workplace ROI with real-time occupancy data feeds that support more use cases; such as sensor-driven space booking/hoteling, wayfinding and more.

Feature 02

Wider coverage
= a lower total cost

XY Sense is proven to require 2-3x fewer sensors for whole floor coverage vs. competitive products resulting in a lower total cost of ownership (TOC). With a massive per sensor coverage range of 1000 sq ft or up to 20 desks, you can monitor more space for less cost with XY Sense. And never at the cost of accuracy.

Feature 03

100% Private & anonymous

With XY Sense workplace sensors, only XY coordinates are captured as movements on a floor plan, ensuring anonymity and privacy of your entire team. Each sensor runs a proprietary custom neural network, which processes anonymous scene information on the XY Sense device in real-time. With no images saved or sent, security is guaranteed

Feature 04

Smarter install options

The XY Sense proprietary technology allows multiple sensors to be ‘daisy-chained’ together during installation to draw power and data from a single source. This means no managed switches required, no ongoing battery maintenance costs and 80% less cabling when compared to a traditional Power over Ethernet (PoE) installation.

AI-powered Entry Sensors for Enterprise grade privacy & security
Deploy with confidence

Enterprise grade
entry sensor privacy & security

Designed for privacy first and with robust security best practices. 

Processing is performed on-device on our AI-powered Entry Sensors with no images saved or sent during normal operation. Data from an activated sensor includes only a fully anonymized entry/exit event triggered whenever an entry is crossed.

Scalable Occupancy insights with minimal sensors deployed
Portfolio approach

Scalable entry insights with minimal sensors deployed

XY Sense Analytics informs strategic portfolio planning and proactive management of your office space with minimal sensors deployed.

Access whole-of-portfolio insights with typically one Entry sensor installed per standard entrance. Powerful occupancy analytics in a single platform when combined with our Area sensor.

Accurate people counts Ensure safe and well-maintained offices
Accurate people counts

Ensure safe and well-maintained offices

Access real-time and proactive monitoring of your buildings and floors for safe and productive office experiences. And with XY Sense, there are no annoying chimes or impact on your access control, alarm protocols, or security system components.

Better predict attendance, maintain compliance with legal capacity limits and efficiently schedule facilities and cleaning services for peak usage periods.

ESG compatible Smarter install options
ESG compatible

Smarter install options

Designed with ESG in mind, choose the SenseLink daisy chain deployment to reduce cabling and installation cost and complexity. Get complete coverage regardless of the number of door frames and other egress points, and with no impact from window light or treatments.

The XY Sense Entry Sensor is a wired solution with no battery waste. Deploy via traditional device configuration or XY Sense’s proprietary SenseLink daisy chain installation connecting multiple sensors together to draw power and data from a single source.

See how XY Sense compares

Find out how the XY Sense Area Sensor compares with other occupancy sensor tools and technologies on the market. 

Other Sensors
Long Sensor Range / Coverage
Tested Coverage Range
—1000 sqft
—500 sqft
Pin point positional accuracy
Accurate to 1ft
Real time data
Updates <1 min / Live views
~ 2 secs~ 5–8 mins
Analytics platform + API
Saas analytics options
COVIDSafe features
Capacity alerts & displays
Cost efficient permanent installs
SenseLink proprietary tech
100% Anonymous data. End-to-end encryption.

Privacy and security by design

Here at XY Sense, we know that property teams want to use office utilization data to create awesome workplace experiences, not to invade people’s privacy. No personal information or images are ever stored or transmitted with XY Sense.

That’s why we’ve engineered our products to protect your team’s privacy and your company’s information security at all times.


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