Last updated December 2020 

Environment & Sustainability Policy

Sustainability & our mission

Did you know that even pre-COVID office environments were generally only 50% utilized at any one time?  

That’s right, every year companies around the world spend upwards of $800b on commercial real estate (inclusive of building operating expenses and energy) and 43% of that spend ($344b) is wasted every year on space that no one is using. 

Seems crazy right? XY Sense’s founders Alex Birch and Luke Murray thought so too. That’s why they founded XY Sense and set out to build a smart sensor solution that would enable companies to understand their office utilization to better inform space planning, reduce real estate costs by optimising footprints and energy usage, and create workplaces that businesses and employees love.  

You can learn more about our founding principles here but with respect to the global commercial real estate economy, optimizing space and energy efficiency is central to our mission at XY Sense

Our sustainable product approach

We have designed our sensor hardware to meet specific environment and sustainability criteria. 

Here are some of the environmentally friendly characteristics of our solution:

Advanced AI running on a low-power device

We spent 2+ years in research and development designing a custom neural network that could retain our desired positional accuracy while still being able to operate on a small low powered device. This means our customers get AI capabilities without the hefty environmental/energy impact.

Powered by PoE – Supports clean energy ratings

Because our algorithm is able to run low powered devices, our sensors are powered by a form of proprietary passthrough PoE. This means that our sensors are powered by the same energy powering our customer’s building, many of which have a 5-6 star energy rating.  

Our sensors are permanent installs. Not battery powered. 

While battery powered sensors may appear simpler for installation, they typically rely on non-rechargeable batteries and create a significant amount of waste and logistical costs when scheduling replacements. For a 20,000 seat organization we’ve calculated that using batteries as opposed to PoE on sensors could generate as much as 1.5 tonnes of battery or e-waste every 2-3 years.  XY Sense’s permanently installed low powered sensors help companies maintain sustainable clean energy ratings and ensure data continuity (no data dropouts when batteries run out). 

Unique daisy chain install capability = Less cabling resources required

Our unique ‘power via ethernet’ sensor system combined with daisy chaining capabilities means that multiple sensors can be powered and connected to the same 4G hub. Our daisy chain installation approach has been shown to require up to 80% less Cat5e/ethernet cabling when compared to other installation methods. 

Hardware materials & design

We vet and have a policy to work with supply chain partners who have a sustainability policy that aligns to XY Sense’s approach to people, the planet and natural resources. This includes working with supply chain partners that support sustainability from raw components through manufacturing, and packaging.

Hardware end of life

We embrace circularity and ensure product components are recovered, recycled and kept in use for as long as possible. We extend our commitment by supporting recycling programs around the world that can recycle our sensor devices and packaging. 

Commitment to a sustainable office space

In addition to our sensor design, manufacturing and end-of-life hardware management, XY Sense, with the cooperation of its employees, customers, contractors and suppliers, is committed to environmental and sustainability management through the following additional practices:

  • Monitoring and continually improving performance to help protect the environment, including pollution prevention.

  • Managing the consumption of energy, water, paper and other resources used by XY Sense in its day-to-day operations. 

  • Identifying opportunities to divert, minimize, reuse and recycle our waste stream.

  • Incorporating environmental considerations into procurement processes. 

  • Considering environmental issues when leasing or purchasing property. 

  • Promoting staff adoption of alternative and sustainable commuter transport options. 

  • Striving to reduce business travel and promote alternatives wherever practicable.

  • Keeping our internal and external stakeholders informed about XY Sense’s environment, health and safety performance. 

  • Continuing to work with our customers to develop software and hardware offerings to help our customers better manage their own environmental challenges.

  • Committing to comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations, as well as other standards to which XY Sense subscribes.

  • Educating our employees about the steps XY Sense is taking to help protect the environment and providing channels for employees to contribute to our efforts. 

  • Requesting that employees report any instances of noncompliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations and conducting appropriate follow-up.

Environmentally friendly & sustainable business practices

A key selection criteria for our recent Melbourne headquarter transition was an office space and building that met high environmental rating criteria. Our new CBD office meets the following criteria:

  • 5 Star unassisted (5.5 assisted) NABERS Energy rating.
  • 5.5-star NABERS Water rating.
  • All waste is sustainably disposed of after going through a rigorous onsite sorting process.

Anti-slavery stance

XY Sense is committed to reducing the risk of modern slavery occuring in all aspects of the business and has a zero-tolerance approach to slavery and human-trafficking in its operation and supply chain.

Working with third party manufacturers, we vet each contract manufacturer in regards to slavery and ethical business practices. Our due diligence covers compliance with health, safety and environmental standards, respect and observation of the law, and business references to foster a transparent relationship.

We conduct regular site visits with these partners and work with appropriate third parties to conduct these when not feasibly possible ourselves.

Our Commitment

XY Sense is committed to the successful implementation of this policy. 

To achieve results, XY Sense develops and monitors short- and long-term environmental objectives.  XY Sense’s Environmental Steering Committee (the “ESC”) is responsible for the implementation and oversight of this policy. The ESC, which is composed of senior employees from XY Sense’s various business units, meets regularly to review XY Sense’s progress and status on environmental issues and makes recommendations related to this policy and other environmental initiatives. 

As Co-Founder and CEO of XY Sense, I am a member of the ESC and am actively leading the delivery of our sustainability strategy as our sensor manufacturing increases and we grow into new markets.

Alex Birch

CoFounder & CEO

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