Global software company uses XY Sense to cut $750K in real estate costs and improve RTO compliance

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Welcome to our blog series on how organizations around the world are driving ROI through the XY Sense platform. 

Today, we explore how a global software company uses XY Sense to cut $750K in real estate costs and improve RTO compliance.

The Challenge

A top SaaS software company implemented a voluntary RTO policy, hoping to encourage team members to come in to the office regularly and voluntarily.  They tasked the Workplace team to find ways to reduce costs, create a more exciting and appealing office environment,  lower carbon emissions as part of an ESG commitment, eliminate “dead” spaces and high congestion areas, and create new types of work space that encouraged greater productivity.

The Solution

The company deployed XY Sense across twelve locations, installing Area Sensors in all buildings, floors, and areas. XY Sense helped the business set up analytics at the portfolio, office, and individual floor levels to provide maximum insight.


Using XY Sense insights, the Workplace team identified $750,000+ in real estate savings within just the first year. The company discovered it could eliminate thousands of square feet in multiple locations by eliminating underused space and consolidating staff in more compact areas.  The company then examined utilization rates of all areas and resources and altered hybrid work policies so individual teams chose different days for in-office work. This enabled space reductions while also eliminating dead zones and most peak congestion times. They also analyzed conference room areas to validate space types, using XY Sense to power rationale for shifting from a conference-room-centric approach to creating small collaboration areas that better reflected team needs.

They also reoriented workstation areas to balance collaboration needs with areas for quiet solo work. These efforts improved hybrid work policy compliance, contributed to higher employee satisfaction levels, and created a more engaging workplace. They continue to leverage XY Sense to innovate and make adjustments to the work spaces in order to continue their utilization rate.


Real estate savings

Multiple under-utilized floors eliminated

Office attendance increased

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