Last updated March 2020 

Health & Safety Policy

XY Sense is a company which has designed and engineered an advanced smart sensor platform to increase the utilization and efficiency of the modern office. We help companies use data to create smarter workplaces that people love. 

XY Sense is committed to meeting the needs of our customers while eliminating workplace injuries and illness. We do this by providing a safe and healthy work environment that is free from risk to all employees, contractors, and visitors.

For XY Sense to achieve its objective the board and management will:

  • Provide and maintain safe workplaces and equipment, including safety equipment and develop and enforce safe work practices.

  • Comply with all relevant statutory safety and health legislation, regulations, codes of practice and industry standards across the locations we operate in.

  • Provide ongoing safety and health information and training to all employees to enable them to identify and eliminate, where possible, all workplace hazards and work practices that could result in an injury or illness.

  • Clearly define all safety and health roles and responsibilities within XY Sense.

  • Maintain a safety and health risk management system where hazards in the workplace are identified, assessed and eliminated, where possible, or else controlled according to the hierarchy of controls.

  • Consult with staff on safety and health matters and respond appropriately to all matters raised.

  • Set measurable safety and health objectives and targets to support the aim of zero injury and illness within the workplace.

  • Monitor and report on safety and health targets and objectives to ensure continuous improvement.

  • Provide a consistent approach to safety and health matters across all XY Sense business activities.

  • Provide injury management services and support to all employees in the event of a work related injury or illness in order to facilitate the injured employees’ return to work.

  • Promote a culture where personal responsibility for safety and health at all levels within the organisation is second nature.

  • Commit adequate resources to meet all statutory safety and health obligations and to implement this policy.

  • Certify and actively monitor our selected manufacturing and installation partners to ensure adherence to the same code of practice and policies outlined above. 

Our Commitment

A high standard in Workplace Safety and Health can only be achieved with the co-operation and active participation of all XY Sense employees, contractors and manufacturing partners. 

XY Sense is committed to the successful implementation of this policy. To achieve results, XY Sense develops and actively monitors short- and long-term workplace health and safety objectives. 

As Co-Founder and CEO of XY Sense, I am actively involved in the delivery of our workplace health and safety strategy across both our offices and within our manufacturing partner locations.

Alex Birch

CoFounder & CEO

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