How much do occupancy sensors cost?

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How much do occupancy sensors cost?

This blog is part of our ‘Sensors 101’ series for workplace teams.

Much like the reasons behind why you are sourcing occupancy sensors for your workplace, there are different costs depending on the sensor type you purchase and the type of information you want to collect from them.

You will need to consider a number of elements here, such as how much space you need to cover (factoring in the sensor’s range), whether you want basic counting capabilities or a more in-depth analytics platform, as well as your overall budget. You may need to get the provider to look over your office floorplan so they can determine your needs down to a specific number of sensors.

The good news is that if you choose an occupancy sensor like those designed by XY Sense, you’ll get the benefit of the largest sensor range on the market. That means you can get the coverage you are looking for while purchasing significantly fewer sensors than you would with a competitor. Plus, XY Sense’s proprietary SenseLink technology means ‘daisy-chaining’ simplifies your install while using up to 80% less cabling – without the need for any additional switches on the floor.

An XY Sense team member can work directly with you to determine the exact specifications of your office coverage needs, and then provide a solution that works within your occupancy sensor budget.

Compared to alternatives – such as thermal sensors which can cost over $1000 per unit, or people counters which can cost almost as much but offer only the most basic information – this can be a very cost-effective option while getting the most data value for your dollar.

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