XY Sense + Appspace

Appspace is the workplace experience platform for communications and workplace management. It’s the first to combine a modern intranet, space reservation, digital signage, and more – all in a single, easy-to-use platform.

With XY Sense Occupancy API and Appspace Space Reservation software, users can take room booking to new heights. XY Sense’s real-time occupancy data integrates with Appspace to allow users to book resources with pinpoint accuracy.

What's possible with our integration?

Seamless real-time reservations

XY Sense’s occupancy and availability data used in conjunction with Appspace Space Reservation supercharges an employee’s booking experience. It’s all accessible from an employee’s fingertips (or desktop), with complete accuracy, courtesy reminders, and no double bookings.

Data informed space management

Take a proactive approach to space planning by combining Appspace’s workplace management data with XY Sense’s real time data to gain a precise understanding of spaces occupied, rooms needed and forecast capacity. 

With Appspace and XY Sense, you can make space planning decisions with confidence. 

A complete reservation solution from app to room displays

Appspace Space Reservation software already integrates with many popular OEM room booking panels giving XY Sense customers an end-to-end solution for space reservation. Panels can be configured to display availability based on real time occupancy status.

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