XY Sense + GoSpace

GoSpace is on a mission to eliminate the need to book desks – making it seamless and effortless to connect in space with your colleagues, while creating a healthier and more sustainable world. XY Sense plays an important part in achieving this goal, providing powerful data to drive GoSpace’s automated intelligent space scheduling solution.

What's possible with our integration?

Autonomously manage building capacity

XY Sense data is used by GoSpace’s proprietary AI, AIDRA® to build a dynamic 4-week outlook on forecasted space demand.  AIDRA uses this forecast to intelligently schedule teams in the most efficient use of space every day, automatically ‘turning off’ floors or zones for energy savings, to repurpose, or to monetise as on-demand flex space. 

Real-time demand management

GoSpace AIDRA uses XY Sense data to learn how much and how often different spaces are used each day. This enables AIDRA to intelligently schedule teams into spaces which are the most popular. This puts the right number of people into the spaces they like using, enhancing the ‘liveliness’ of floors to improve the employee in-office experience. All this without the hassle of booking.

Intelligent consolidation recommendations

To dynamically schedule space, the GoSpace platform assimilates data from multiple sources to stay informed of new team associations, planned events in the office, as well as live employee location data. By overlaying data sources with real-time space usage data from XY Sense, AIDRA can go beyond traditional heat maps, to make intelligent recommendations as to which spaces should be re-purposed, re-designed or re-fitted with new work settings.

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