Occupancy sensor integrations

Sensor data, delivered where you need it most. 

The XY Sense Occupancy API makes it simple to integrate real time occupancy sensor data in a range of workplace and desk booking applications. 

Integrate sensor data with workplace platforms

About XY Sense integrations

XY Sense’s open data platform and Occupancy API supports integrations with a range of IWMS, desk booking and workplace experience platforms. 

Supercharge the ROI of existing workplace applications by integrating real-time space occupancy and utilization data feeds from XY Sense.

Native integrations

XY Sense has a wide variety of existing integrations with leading workplace platforms, IWMS and booking tools.

Real-time Occupancy API

Consume your sensor data, on your terms. Configure your own integration with our real time Occupancy API. Featuring truly live data feeds for integration with booking and workplace experience apps.


Whether you’re an integration partner or customer, your successful integration is our priority.

Featured Integrations


Appspace is the workplace experience platform for communications and workplace management. It’s the first to combine a modern intranet, space reservation, digital signage, and more – all in a single, easy-to-use platform.

More than 150 Fortune 500 companies, and 10 million on-site, remote, and frontline employees, are using Appspace to make work a more connected and engaging experience.


Calven provides a suite of software solutions for businesses to manage real-estate and workplace experience in a hybrid world. Balancing the needs of the employee, the team, and the organisation in one platform, Calven helps you to optimise culture, real-estate and operations.

GoSpace AI

GoSpace’s automated intelligent space scheduling connects people in space with ease and efficiency so they can achieve more together, creating a healthier and more sustainable world.

Our revolutionary AI learns how teams work together in space, to anticipate and proactively respond to their needs, ensuring they have the right space at the right time. GoSpace eliminates the need for booking, enhancing the employee experience while helping companies reduce operational costs and move towards net-zero emissions. 

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What's possible with XY Sense integrations?

Live availability view for booking tools

Integrate live occupancy views into space and desk booking apps. With sensors updating every 2 seconds, it’s never been easier for teams to find an available desk or room. 

Understand what space configurations your team prefers

Reduce ‘check-in’ friction

Sensors can integrate with booking tools to automate checking-in once a space is occupied. This reduces friction for space users and ensures more accurate reporting on space utilization for real estate teams. 

End ghost-bookings

Close the loop on desk and room bookings by comparing the booking status of a space with the physical occupancy status being reported by sensors every two seconds.

Specific parameters can then be configured by customers within booking apps to release a booking if the space is not occupied within five or ten minutes of the start time. 

Understand what space configurations your team prefers

Simplify space planning

Integrate rich occupancy sensor data on space utilization by team, floor and location to support neighborhood balancing and team space forecasting. 

Understand when specific teams will reach capacity and how space can be reallocated to best support teams. Rich data capture supports better collaboration on space planning with business leaders.

Use sensor data to tailor spaces to team needs Neighborhood optimization

Supercharge workplace insights

Augment existing workplace data sources with high precision space utilization data from XY Sense.

Build your own occupancy intelligence reports or dashboards in the platform of your choice and create a single pane view of workplace and real estate performance.

Our occupancy intelligence platform

Our Hardware

The Area Sensor

Designed for the unique needs of today’s property teams, the XY Sense wide-area occupancy sensor delivers unparalleled accuracy, lower cost of ownership and rich, live data feeds. 

The result of more than 3 years of fastidious research and development, our sensor represents the next generation in office utilization monitoring, making office space planning less of an art and more of a science. 

The occupancy sensor Powered by the latest developments in machine learning
Entery sensor for monitor people counts across a floor or location
Our Hardware

The Entry Sensor

Confidently monitor people counts across a floor or location in real time, with minimal sensors deployed.

Like our area sensors, all data is 100% anonymous. Get deeper insights into occupancy trends, easily monitor and manage space capacity to ensure safe and well-maintained offices, and ensure ESG-compatibility with our SenseLink daisy chain installation. 

Our Software

The Insights Platform

Like Google Analytics for your workplace, users of our platform can access 100% anonymous live data on desk and office space utilization, meeting room occupancy, neighborhood balancing and so much more. 

Say goodbye to basic people counts and hello to actionable workplace analytics!

workplace Analytics sensor dashboard

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