[WEBINAR] Introducing the Entry Sensor. People counting, made simple.

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At XY Sense, we’re lazer-focused on giving workplace teams the tools they need to create the best workplaces that their teams love, drive utilization, and optimize their global office portfolios. To that end, we’re excited to share the latest addition to our privacy-preserving workplace sensor and analytics platform – the most advanced technology available on the market – the Entry Sensor. The Entry Sensor combined with our Area Sensor gives workplace teams complete coverage across your occupancy insights, all from one platform. 

What is it?

Installed in ceilings above entry points, the Entry Sensor accurately counts people entering and exiting spaces. Entry Sensors have >98% tested accuracy and as with Area Sensors, data is processed on-device and is 100% anonymous. 

As with our Area Sensor, the Entry Sensor is 100% anonymous with >98% tested accuracy. It’s also a highly scalable solution, with minimal sensors required. 

The Entry Sensor enables workplaces teams to:

Scale occupancy insights across portfolio with minimal sensors deployed:
Inform strategic portfolio planning and proactive management of your office space with typically only one Entry Sensor installed per standard floor entrance

Ensure safe and well-maintained offices with real-time and proactive monitoring:
Better predict attendance, monitor live people counts for compliance to capacity limits and efficiently schedule facilities and services for peak usage periods.

Support ESG-compatibility with a SenseLink daisy chain deployment:
Choose to install via proprietary SenseLink daisy chain connection, reducing cabling and installation costs, as well as your environmental impact. 

Watch our Entry Sensor solution launch webinar on-demand below.

To learn more about our new Entry Sensor, download our Solution Brief now. 

To talk to our team and see our next-generation sensors in action, get a demo from our team of experts.  

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