The advanced occupancy sensor for a smarter university campus

XY Sense helps university real estate & facilities teams improve campus experience, reduce costs and deliver on sustainability commitments. 

Our occupancy sensor platform delivers incredible real time and historical data so that you can understand campus performance like never before.

What's possible with XY Sense for universities?

Reduce real
estate costs

Remove guesswork and right-size your university real estate portfolio. When strategy is based on precise data, costs can be reduced without impacting campus experience.

Return to campus

Deliver incredible campus experiences and easily identify and resolve friction points as students and faculty return.

Deliver building

Reduce your carbon footprint and meet building sustainability goals by integrating sensor data into heating, cooling and lighting systems.

Inform campus
design & capital works

Allocate space for courses based on verifiable utilization data and take an agile approach to campus design. Inform & justify future capital works based on the ‘new normal’ of blended courses.

Use sensor data to future-proof space planning at your university

With the rise of online learning and blended courses, the strategic role of the campus is changing.

Space planning, campus design and real estate strategies have never been so complicated. 

Do these challenges sound familiar? 

One occupancy sensor platform, multiple campus benefits.

Monitor return to campus

Accurate occupancy monitoring for teaching spaces

XY Sense can detect live occupancy accurate to 1ft every 2 seconds. This makes it possible to monitor occupancy across lecture halls and teaching spaces across campus in real time.

Understand peak days and times for student attendance to match services. 

Analyze historical trends to better allocate learning spaces based on faculty utilization. 

Student experience

Live availability views for smarter seating & room booking

Help returning students and staff quickly find a safe place to meet or study with XY Sense live availability views.

No more manual check-ins required!

XY Sense can also automatically ‘check in’ rooms and surrounding desks when a space is in use to avoid ‘no show’ issues in booking systems as well as overcrowding as students return.

Understand utilization across your portfolio
Target wastage > Drive operational savings

Reduce costs

Are you paying to heat, light and power buildings that are now mostly empty due to blended courses?

XY Sense occupancy sensors deliver highly accurate utilization data which removes the guesswork when optimizing location density, downsizing or planning future capital works. When strategy is based on precise data, costs can be reduced without impacting campus experience. 

XY Sense smart integrations with HVAC and lightning systems also enable universities to improve building efficiency with occupancy driven heating and cooling.  

Design spaces for today's student needs

Agile campus design

Use sensors to start collecting valuable data to inform longer term campus space planning.

Compare your most popular and least spaces on campus and understand where and how to reconfigure spaces for improved campus experience.

Understand ‘supply and demand’ for specific spaces (such as training rooms or meeting areas) and improve the efficiency of particular floors, buildings or departments.

Underpin any long-term corporate real estate decisions with data from ‘your new normal’ as students and academic start to return to campus. 

Targeted cleaning based on heat maps
Goodbye crystal ball. Hello company-led modelling! Predictive utilization
A smarter campus is a greener campus

Data to support your sustainabilty commitments

XY Sense occupancy sensor platform can help to reduce a univeristy’s carbon footprint through occupancy driven HVAC integrations. Target wasted energy expenditure through smarter building services. 

Better still, ensure all future/planned capital works are tied to actual need. Explore options to re-purpose existing under-utilized spaces and capture hard data to justify future works. 

Privacy preserving & security assured

100% Privacy Preserving

We know you want to use occupancy and utilization data to create awesome campus experiences, not keep tags on your students or staff. 

That’s why, XY Sense has been designed to only ever capture the XY coordinates of individuals relative to a sensor. 

We never capture photo images of people or personal information. And unlike some tag-based or under-the-desk sensor systems, XY Sense captures data passively about the space -never an individual.

 XY Sense makes it simple to capture the insights you need without intruding on your workforce.

office Sensor
Our product

It all starts with our
advanced sensor

Powered by the latest developments in machine learning, XY Sense delivers the ultimate privacy-preserving sensor for workplace teams. Featuring enormous sensor coverage, live data feeds, advanced AI capabilities and cost-effective install options, XY Sense helps workplace teams maximize ROI from a sensor investment.

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