Supporting data-driven offices around the world 

Since launching in 2020, XY Sense has rapidly gained popularity as the area occupancy sensor choice for agile enterprise property teams. 

We have customers in 10+ countries and have recently expanded from our Australian HQ to the USA and United Kingdom. 

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Case study

Supporting an agile return to office strategy 

XY Sense is powering the real time occupancy monitoring and workplace analytics at the newly refurbished London HQ of the world’s largest commercial real estate firm.

  • Live space availability displays + integrations with space booking
  • Real-time occupancy monitoring & daily reporting on return to office trends
  • Utilization insights support space planning for 2,000 staff
Case study

Powering real estate decisioning in a high growth company

One of the world’s fastest growing cloud accounting platforms has installed XY Sense across 9 cities in their global workplace portfolio to support data-driven space planning and real estate decisioning as the company expands.

  • Real-time occupancy monitoring & daily reporting on return to office trends
  • Team and neighborhood balancing & capacity planning
  • Space planning insights (meeting rooms, popular spaces) for upcoming fitouts
  • Automated global occupancy reporting across the global portfolio
Case study

Balancing teams and neighborhoods

XY Sense partnered with one of the world’s largest global web hosting and infrastructure companies to use sensor data to underpin space planning and team allocations as they transitioned to activity based working across 8 cities/workplace locations in the Asia Pacific.

  • Supporting hybrid workplace space planning – Which floors/spaces are allocated to specific teams
  • Using sensors to phase out manual desk booking & check-ins (live availability displays instead) 
  • Sensor data informing real estate decisioning on future leases & fitouts
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Countries XY Sense is active in. We support customers around the world.


Average customer hardware growth. ROI = Portfolio expansions.


Approx cost per sq ft, per month. Lower cost vs. alternatives.


Growth in 12 months.

Industries we work in

Technology Companies

Data is king to progressive, agile and growing companies. That’s why technology companies prefer the rich data which only XY Sense can deliver. Our advanced approach to security & privacy also sets us apart.

Financial Services

Engineered to minimize roll out costs across a workplace portfolio, XY Sense is the ideal solution for banks, insurers and other financial institutions with large existing real estate footprints.


Need to manage occupancy and space across your campus? XY Sense’s wide area coverage helps universities capture the key information they need to understand campus space utilization and best manage return to campus’ programs safely.


Combining privacy-preservation with industry-leading security, XY Sense delivers advanced workplace analytics for government departments without the risks which some alternative sensors or device-based software agents can introduce to your workplace.


XY Sense works in real time to understand occupancy and paths of movement with positional accuracy to within 1 foot (30cm). This makes our sensors ideal for analyzing physical retail environments and deploying real time advertising.  Use sensor data to power both digital and physical retail experiences.

Consulting Firms

Have a large, hybrid workforce who require office space on demand? XY Sense helps consulting firms and other large employers to more effectively manage space and occupancy planning in dynamic work environments.

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