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Deliver value
for your customers

To maintain your reputation as a trusted advisor, we know you only want to recommend the best in the business. When you partner with XY Sense, you’re referring your customer to a world-class occupancy solution that delivers maximum ROI.

Grow your
client accounts

We’re here to help you expand your existing client accounts with a reliable, real-time sensor solution. By developing occupancy analytics practice areas, new revenue streams will begin to flow, bringing value to both you and your clients.

Grow recurring revenue
with attractive margins

With XY Sense as a partner, you can expect more demand for your services, helping you better engage both new and existing clients. When you work with us, you’ll be offered partner discounts and margin-based pricing for both hardware and recurring platform subscriptions.

Get the support
you need, fast

The success of your customers is our success, so our team is here to offer unparalleled support. Your customers will be given comprehensive online tooling, 1-1 partner management and an endless stream of support.

Who we partner with

consultants, architects & design partners

Help clients integrate occupancy sensors into their workplace transformation and real estate strategies. Generate new revenue streams and nurture recurring value creation through workplace analytics practices.

Workplace consultants, architects & design partners

Commercial real
estate firms & fit out specialists

Deliver smart, state-of-the-art workplaces powered by real-time occupancy data. An investment in XY Sense is an investment in the real-time data infrastructure of a building.

Commercial real estate firms & fit out specialists

Workplace Saas
& tech alliances

Integrate with the XY Sense platform to power seamless workplace solutions for your clients. We’re happy to partner with all leading IWMS and space booking platforms to bring benefits to all involved.

Workplace Saas & tech alliances

AV/IT resellers

Grow your revenue by reselling the next-generation occupancy sensor solutions offered by XY Sense. With double the coverage of other solutions and superior real-time analytics, XY Sense delivers more features for less money when compared to market alternatives.

Workplace AV/IT resellers


Do you have expertise installing low voltage technology solutions in corporate workplaces? We’re looking to certify new installation partners around the world that can assist with this high-growth, niche work. 

workplaces sensor Installation partners

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How we can work together

Live occupancy data Real-time social distancing monitoring and alerts
Live occupancy data

Occupancy sensors to
support return to office

As the world transitions into a post-pandemic era, businesses need smart and powerful tools to assist with the adjustment of return to work. Our occupancy sensors ensure safety and efficiency, allowing data-driven decisions to trump uncertainty and assumptions. 

XY Sense can help returning workers understand where it’s safe to sit through space booking integrations and can automatically book surrounding desks to avoid overcrowding. 

With us, you have the power to de-risk your client’s return to work program. 

Understand what space configurations your team prefers

Data-driven office
space planning

Now more than ever, clients are eager to maximize their team’s productivity, ensure their space meets true needs and maximize ROI from existing space. Our tools offer highly accurate rich utilization datasets on workpoints, desks, project spaces, meeting rooms and more, all to empower smart decisions and cost savings. 

When you partner with XY Sense, you can help clients measure before they act and create spaces people enjoy working in.

Occupancy sensor Data-driven office space planning

Real-time tooling for improved
workplace experience

Help clients streamline space booking and team wayfinding through real-time sensors that can detect whether spaces are actually being used. Live updates can feed through booking software integrations to improve experiences for workers. 

With XY Sense, organizations can access rich, live data to understand how a workspace is actually used, helping them to resolve friction points and target initiatives towards improving experience. 

Understand what space configurations your team prefers

Seamless integrations for
comprehensive IWMS & workplace platforms

Do your clients already have a sophisticated IWMS setup? 

That’s great! XY Sense can offer seamless integration to enhance insights, data and learnings. 

XY Sense’s open data platform and APIs support integrations with a variety of IWMS, desk booking and BI tools. By partnering with us you can expand on the value your workplace SaaS platform can deliver to clients, turbo-charging their systems with real-time space occupancy and utilization data feeds.

Sensor dashboard

Powerful reporting on
office utilisation

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Our product

Our Hardware

The Area Sensor

Designed for the unique needs of today’s property teams, the XY Sense wide-area occupancy sensor delivers unparalleled accuracy, lower cost of ownership and rich, live data feeds. 

The result of more than 3 years of fastidious research and development, our sensor represents the next generation in office utilization monitoring, making office space planning less of an art and more of a science. 

The occupancy sensor Powered by the latest developments in machine learning
Our Software The Insights Platform
Our Software

Insights Platform

Like Google Analytics for your workplace, users of our platform can access live data on desk and office space utilization, meeting room occupancy, neighborhood balancing and so much more.

Say goodbye to basic people counts and hello to actionable workplace analytics!

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