XY Sense Privacy & Security

Here at XY Sense, we know that property teams want to use office utilization data to create awesome workplace experiences, not to invade people’s privacy.

That’s why we spent 2+ years in R&D developing our sensor hardware and proprietary AI to ensure that we deliver the level of real-time occupancy accuracy today’s property teams require without compromising the privacy or information security the people in the space.

XY Sense has been engineered to be both ‘private-by-design’ and ‘secure-by-design’.

100% Anonymous

The sensor only records 100% "X" and "Y" ground point coordinates and anonymous metadata. Not capable of identifying individuals or collecting personal information.

Privacy Compliant

GDPR and CCPA privacy regulation compliant. Sensor does not capture or store personally identifiable information.

Secured Edge Processing

All occupancy data processing is performed 'at the edge' on the sensor itself. Sensor sightings are never sent, stored or retrieved. Even during setup.

Enterprise Security

Information security is part of our DNA. We've architected our solution according to industry best practices and follow strict protocols around the security and protection of customer information. XY Sense is an ISO27001 certified company.

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How the sensor works

100% Anonymous Data Capture

We’re called XY Sense because our advanced sensors leverage the latest developments in machine learning to capture and process the “X” and “Y” occupancy coordinates of people relative to a sensor in real time.

There is no way to identify individuals from XY Sense data. Unlike badge swipes, under-the-desk PIR or device agents, XY Sense captures data passively about the space, never an individual. And with scene processing occurring on each individual sensor device, we’ve engineered our solution so that images are never sent, stored or retrieved. 

Only 100% anonymous (and fully encrypted) occupancy data is made available via our secure analytics platform for workplace reporting and display applications.

See below for a sensor output example:

Example of Area sensor data output

When we say no images leave the sensor, we mean it.

Raw sensor sightings (images) are never stored, sent or retrievable from XY Sense sensors.

Scene processing happens in real time via our proprietary machine learning algorithm with each device securely processing information independent of other sensors.

All data is fully encrypted from the sensor to the cloud using the MQTT protocol and TLS1.2 encryption over port 8883. We also monitor all sensors in real time to alert on any abnormal behaviours or connection issues to make sure your sensor continue to work as intended.

Even if you were to pull down a sensor and physically open it up, you would not find any images on it, or any other information relevant to the surroundings or customer.


Data Security

XY Sense technology has been designed and engineered using industry best practices for data protection and security.

Every element of our solution – XY Sense hardware, on-site networking technology, cloud-hosted infrastructure and software, as well as our APIs – have been designed to ensure that data is captured, processed, transmitted and stored in a secure manner.

  • All data is encrypted from the sensor to the cloud using the MQTT protocol and TLS1.2 encryption over port 8883. All data is encrypted at REST in the cloud using AES-256.
  • Sensors are actively monitored. If we stop receiving data, either because of malicious activity or a fault, we are notified and start an investigation. We actively monitor the amount and pattern of data we are receiving from the sensors including memory, CPU and other signs of activity on all sensors.
  • Our application is secured via HTTPS/TLS 1.2 over port 443.
  • Our application supports, O Auth enabled single-sign on as well as 2-factor authentication.
  • We provide regular over-the-air firmware upgrades and security enhancements.
  • Our solution (hardware and application) is penetration tested and validated by third parties at minimum on annual basis.
  • XY Sense is ISO27001 Certified.

Hardware Compliance

XY Sense sensors have been tested and certified to relevant regulatory compliance codes in a variety of major markets around the world.  

Learn more about which countries we support.

European Union
United States
United Kingdom
South Africa
South Korea


XY Sense
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