XY Sense privacy information for teams 

Great news! Your workplace is investing in XY Sense to help to improve your workplace experience and take a data-driven approach to space and occupancy planning in your office.

Here, we’ll provide you with some information on what XY Sense is, how it works and how your privacy at work is being protected.

Privacy FAQ for teams

XY Sense is a privacy-preserving workplace sensor which combines enormous sensor coverage, live data feeds and intuitive workplace analytics to help property teams better plan, use and monitor their office space.

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We’re called XY Sense because our advanced sensors leverage the latest developments in machine learning to capture and process the “X” and “Y” occupancy coordinates of people relative to a sensor installed on the ceiling of your office.

This 100% anonymous coordinate data is mapped against the floorpan of your workplace to deliver insights to your team about how desks, meeting rooms and open spaces are being utilized.

Read more about our technology here.

The sensor does not collect or store personally identifiable information. This means there is no way to identify you or any other individuals from XY Sense data.

Unlike CCTV, access control cards, under-the-desk PIR sensors or some workplace software agents, XY Sense only captures general data about the space being used, never an individual. XY Sense is compliant with GDPR and CCPA and other leading privacy regulatory frameworks.

You can rest easy knowing that your privacy is being protected while your workplace takes a smarter approach to space planning.

This 100% anonymous sensor data is shared with your workplace team via the XY Sense Insights Platform to help them make data-driven planning decisions about your office space.

Sensor data is typically used to report on things like:

  • How often desks are in use (peak days, times, floors)

  • How often meeting rooms are in use (peak days, times, average capacity)

  • Which spaces are ‘the most popular’ or highly used on a floor

  • How often spaces receive alerts for being over set company ‘capacity limits’ (in line with COVID safety policies)

  • Where, when, how demand is exceeding supply of meeting rooms, phone pods or desks

  • To simulate when a floor or team will run out of desks

This reporting allows your team to take a proactive approach to reducing friction and access issues in your workplace. The days of struggling to find a desk or free meeting room should soon be over!

The installation of sensors will occur outside of office hours, so you shouldn’t be personally impacted.

Please speak to your workplace team to confirm the date that XY Sense will be activated at your workplace.

As there is no way to identify an individual with an XY Sense sensor, it’s not possible to individually opt out of data capture.

If you have questions or concerns please reach out to your Workplace or Human Resources team to discuss. The XY Sense team is also happy to respond to any questions you may have, email: privacy@xysense.com

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