Q1 2024 Workplace Utilization Index Now Available

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It’s a great day to be a workplace data nerd!

We are excited to share the release of XY Sense’s latest Workplace Utilization Index report, revealing remarkable insights into the resurgence of office utilization worldwide.

You can now explore the Q1 2024 Workplace Utilization Index or download a PDF copy immediately. 

About the Workplace Utilization Index

To create this index, our team aggregates and analyzes anonymous space utilization data from XY Sense’s vast global network of enterprise workplace sensors that capture 100 billion+ data points across 41,000+ (up 19% versus our Q4 2023 to reflect rapid company growth) workspaces annually.

The XY Sense Workplace Utilization Index has become a leading industry standard for workplace benchmark data and has been quoted in many CRE and general business publications, including Bloomberg, the Financial Times, Fortune, Business Insider, RE Journals, and Australian Property Journal.  

This Q1 report offers the first glimpse into how workplaces are changing in 2024.

The good news? Things are changing, and fast. 

Global Workplace Utilization Surges

According to our latest report, global workplace utilization has reached its highest level in four years, with a significant 36% increase over Q4 2023. After three quarters of flat patterns, utilization rose from 28% in January to an impressive 44% in March, marking the highest levels since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Every tracked region saw at least a 25% rise in workplace demand, with North America experiencing a 27% increase. 

Key Highlights from the Report
  • Office Utilization Up 36%: The highest level in four years, with global utilization jumping from 28% in January to 44% in March 2024.
  • Regional Growth: All tracked regions saw at least a 25% rise, with North America up by 27%.
  • Collaboration Over Desks: Collaboration spaces hit 39% utilization, while almost a third of desks, despite a 9-point rise, still remain empty.
A Perfect Storm Drives Workers In

Several forces appear to have converged to create a “perfect storm,” encouraging workers to spend more time in the office: 

    • Economic uncertainty combined with rounds of highly publicized layoffs in Western markets have likely softened worker resistance to spending more time in the office. The pendulum has swung back from the strong employee markets of 2021 and 2022 with full-time remote job listings declining substantially in the past year, according to LinkedIn.
    • Recent industry studies show worker attitudes toward in-office time are changing: Multiple recent studies and surveys have shown that despite a strong preference for flexibility, workers believe in-office time is critical for developing social connections, gaining expertise and training, improving team collaboration, and progressing in their careers.
    • Company incentives to bring people back into the office more often are working. In the second half of 2023, many companies began offering more incentives to increase the appeal of coming to the office — in the form of happy hours, catered meals, childcare benefits, and even raises. 

Additionally, growing management acceptance of hybrid work schedules and work environment improvements likely contributed to the gain. 

Explore the Q124 WUI now and download the full report to share with your team.

Here’s what Shivaun Ryan, Global Director Workplace Insights & Customer Success at XY Sense (and author of the paper), said about the latest report findings;

“Offices haven’t been this busy in years.This is a welcome change for corporate real estate and HR teams who have been struggling to balance the operational, carbon, and workplace culture costs of largely empty offices in the wake of the pandemic. The suddenness of these gains also underscores the need for accurate workplace analytics, so companies can measure and respond to changing employee needs and preferences.”  

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