Q3 2023 Workplace Utilization Benchmarks Now Available

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It’s a great day to be a workplace data nerd!

We’ve just published the latest edition of the XY Sense Workplace Utilization Index (WUI), summarizing global and regional workplace utilization rates and insights from our network of +34,000 workspaces across the US, UK and APAC.

You can now explore the Q3 2023 Workplace Utilization Index or download a PDF copy immediately. 

If you are unfamiliar with the XY Sense WUI, it’s a quarterly report aggregating data from +34,000 workspaces across the US, UK, and APAC. The data comes from XY Sense’s rapidly growing footprint (up 37% since Q2) of industry-leading occupancy sensors installed in corporate offices globally. These privacy-preserving sensors passively and anonymously monitor office areas to collect real-time insights on the number and location of workers present and dwell times associated with specific floor plan features such as desks and meeting rooms. XY Sense sensor data is accurate to within one foot (~30 cm) and is updated every two seconds for maximum precision. 

The XY Sense WUI has rapidly become the industry standard for workplace benchmark data and has been quoted in many CRE and general business publications, including Bloomberg, the Financial Times, Fortune, Business Insider, RE Journals, and Australian Property Journal. 

Here are a few highlights from the Q3 edition of the report:

        • Despite widely publicized return-to-office mandates from major global companies across Q3 2023, XY Sense data showed no material change in workplace utilization compared to the previous quarter. Office space utilization persists at 50% pre-pandemic levels.
        • Half of the desks in offices are utilized for less than one hour per day. Globally, 31% of individual workpoints/desks are never used, and a further 21% are used for less than one hour per day. 
        • The “hybrid work week” still reigns supreme with workplace utilization rates 79% higher midweek than on Mondays and Fridays. Workplace utilization was highest on Tuesdays, at 34%, and lowest on Fridays, at 15%.
        • The UK led with the world’s highest workplace utilization at 43%, while the US showed the lowest, at 21%. The average weekly utilization rate in APAC was 27%. 
        • While many desks sit vacant, high demand for meeting spaces persists. Average utilization of meeting spaces was 23% higher than for desks – on midweek days with high in-office attendance, meeting space can be hard to book.

In addition to Q3 2023 benchmark data (when downloading the full report), you’ll also find rich analysis of the “whys” behind the data and trends, and a section that describes some of the top use cases that workplace leaders are pursuing with their individual companies’ data.

Explore the Q3 WUI now and download the full report to share with your team.

Here’s what Alex Birch, co-founder and CEO of XY Sense, said about the latest report findings;

“Mandates or not, office utilization for most companies has now stabilized at ~50% pre-pandemic levels. As companies explore rightsizing, the answer isn’t as simple as just shedding 50% of office space. Companies need to be able to support ‘surge’ Tuesdays and Wednesdays and adapt offices for new hybrid work styles, all while addressing the incredible amount of waste in the current system. It’s a balancing act that is testing many companies and having the right data is the key to solving the challenge.”  

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