Workplaces Post COVID-19 – Changed Forever?

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The times we are living through will be remembered and talked about for generations to come. Once we return to a state of normalcy and lock-ins are lifted – what will happen to workplace utilisation globally? With a global workforce gaining extended experience working remotely, we have to expect that ways of working will change forever.

COVID-19 has forced change upon almost every business globally, as evidenced by the massive surge in demand for work from home tools and rise in stock price for remote tools. People and organisations have been forced to learn how to work remotely almost overnight.

For many, having the whole family at home while trying to work is a massive disruption. Post apocalyptic lock-downs, children will go back to schools, families will have the freedom to leave the house, leaving unprecedented numbers of people equipped with a home environment where they can focus and deliver.

We predict that there will be an initial rise in office utilisation as people rush to reconnect with colleagues, but armed with new tools and habits, gradually people will change their work-styles. Businesses will need to provide more flexible options for a workforce that’s ready to WFH (Work From Home).

Unfortunately many organisations have been forced to reduce headcount. This should have a material impact on overcrowded workplaces post-COVID-19 return.  

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We’ll be keenly watching workplace utilization pre, and post-COVID-19 to monitor this change in real-time.

What do you think? Will WFH be an easier option for you now? Please add your thoughts in the comments.

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