Refreshed Popular Spaces Dashboard

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As teams around the world return to the office and continue to support hybrid-remote scenarios, workplace teams are moving fast to make sure their spaces facilitate a great experience, social connection, and productivity. We’re hearing questions like – what space types are people using when they do come into the office, how do space needs differ by team, and how should we now design neighbourhoods and floors?   

At XY Sense, we’ve been working closely with our customers to refresh our Popular Spaces dashboard to give you the answers you need. These updates will ensure you have the insights you need into trending spaces and space types so you can make changes that best suit your team and their evolving work styles. 

With these enhancements, XY Sense users can now:

1. Understand space trends and act on them with new insights 

You can now see your hot and cold spots ranked by time spent and understand upwards and downwards usage trends. Monitor and manage the performance of your different spaces to inform fitout decisions and drive positive behavioural change in the workplace. 

2. Visualise what’s actually happening in your spaces – at a glance

With our larger heat map view, you can now easily see utilisation by floor and individual space. And with our new adjustable utilisation ranges, you can easily customise your view according to your own utilisation targets and where you are in your return to office journey. 

3. Drill down into your spaces in more detail with dynamic filters

We’ve added dynamic, adjustable filters so you can slice and dice your space data by neighbourhoods and teams, space type, and hour of the day. Dig into your spaces at a more granular level to take a data-driven approach to see what’s really going on. 

In addition to these updates, we’ve also made it easier for you to onboard new team members to XY Sense and get them up and running quickly. This update includes a new product onboarding tour, designed to get new team members acquainted with XY Sense and the platform. 

Want to know more? Watch the video explainer below.

Ready to see the refreshed Popular Spaces dashboard and our new product tour in action? Login to XY Sense now.

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