CRE portfolio optimization is easy with XY Sense

It’s time to take the guesswork out of your corporate real estate strategy.

With XY Sense you can avoid wasting millions on empty, unloved and under-utilized workplace locations in your CRE portfolio..

Access highly accurate data and reporting on occupancy and utilization across your portfolio to power strategic planning, improve space efficiency, inform lease planning and right-size your real estate footprints.

How can XY Sense support workplace portfolio optimization?

Understand utilization across your portfolio
Confidently report on occupancy & utilization

Understand utilization across your portfolio

Deepen your understanding of your real estate portfolio and employee experience on all levels.

With XY Sense, you’ll have access to key data analytics and utilization metrics across both your national and global portfolio, allowing you to track trends over time, benchmark costs and compare regions or locations.

Understand your 'new normal'

Track your
return to office

Understand how many people are in attendance at your workplace on a given floor, location or day. Benchmark across time to understand your new utilization averages to inform hybrid workplace planning and de-risk any downsizing.

Occupancy sensor Data-driven office space planning
Occupancy sensor analytics data
Take the guesswork out of office space planning

Forecast team
space needs

Benchmark utilization across time to support neighborhood balancing and team space forecasting. Understand when specific teams will reach capacity and how space can be reallocated to best support them.

Futureproof your corporate real estate strategy

Model utilization
across time

Understand utilization performance at a floor, building and portfolio level. Simply set a target utilization rate for specific assets and monitor projected vs. actual utilization to future proof your real estate strategy.

Forecast utilization & space demand
The occupancy sensor Powered by the latest developments in machine learning
Our product

It all starts with our
advanced sensor

Powered by the latest developments in machine learning, XY Sense delivers the ultimate privacy-preserving sensor for workplace teams. Featuring enormous sensor coverage, live data feeds, advanced AI capabilities and cost-effective install options, XY Sense helps workplace teams maximize ROI from a sensor investment.

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