Reduce real estate costs with occupancy anlaytics

Feeling the pressure to reduce real estate costs in a hybrid work world?

Real estate costs are the second largest operating expense for most companies. Your real estate team is under more pressure than ever to maximize efficiency and reduce real estate costs. 

With occupancy insights from XY Sense, you can rightsize your commercial space and net lease expenses while enhancing your workplace. XY Sense gives you the real-time information and data you need to cut operating costs, validate space types, and create more engaging environments.

How can XY Sense help you control cost and rightsize your
commercial real estate investment?

Understand utilization across your portfolio
Understand your true real estate needs

Assess workplace utilization with precise real-time occupancy data

Surveys and moment-in-time workplace audits can’t provide an accurate picture for optimal property management.

With XY Sense Sensors and Occupancy Platform, you get the industry’s most accurate data on how many people are in your workplace and which resources are frequently used. Understand where there are underused regions, workstations, and meeting spaces to power your rightsizing initiatives.

Understand workplace usage over time

Inform policy changes to drive more consistent resource utilization

Most companies have resource “crunch times” when demand for conference rooms and other amenities exceeds supply. But there are often many other times when those same resources lie unused. 

With XY Sense, you can optimize utilization and scheduling. Recommend policies like shifting team “in office days” to reduce peak demands and occupancy. Replace large conference rooms with a multi-use common area to accommodate more small gatherings. Reduce expenses while eliminating frustration and productivity losses.

Occupancy sensor Data-driven office space planning
Occupancy sensor analytics data
Use data to mitigate requests for more resources

Allocate space and resources based on true team needs

Many real estate teams must reduce commercial real estate costs while also responding to individual team requests for more space and resources. 

XY Sense enables you to understand the real estate resource utilization for workstations, conference rooms, collaboration spaces, phone booths, and more. Arm yourself with the data to scientifically evaluate every request and give team leaders the data-driven rationale to understand your decisions.

Capture the hard data on your office usability

Reduce unnecessary space while ensuring worker safety

Track employee proximity over time to provide adequate distances between workers and inform your cleaning schedules. Monitor employees per square foot in every zone throughout your commercial property to rationalize maintenance costs and “hot zones.”

Insights from XY Sense will ensure your more economical workplace and operating expenses still offer a healthy and pleasant environment for everyone.

Forecast utilization & space demand
Support incredible experiences in smaller spaces

Use occupancy insights to optimize as you rightsize your footprint

Smaller offices can be better places to work when space requirements are accurately captured through consultation and historical utilization analysis.

Eliminate dead zones and underused resources while optimizing workstation density to create an exciting and dynamic environment. Bring teams closer together for greater communication and collaboration. 

Prepare for future growth and change

Optimize workspace decisions for changing needs and shifting demands

Ensure your company has room to expand and evolve with XY Sense. Set target utilization rates for specific assets and monitor projected vs. actual utilization to future-proof your real estate strategy

With commercial building insights from the XY Sense sensors and platform, you can proactively evolve workplaces and policies to create better environments and avoid unnecessary disruptions.

XY Sense Use Cases

The occupancy sensor Powered by the latest developments in machine learning
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Powered by the latest developments in machine learning, XY Sense delivers the ultimate privacy-preserving sensor for workplace teams. Featuring enormous sensor coverage, live data feeds, advanced AI capabilities and cost-effective install options, XY Sense helps workplace teams maximize ROI from a sensor investment.

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