Use sensors to deliver smart facilities and operational excellence

Workplace analytics can be used to deliver smart facilities outcomes by ensuring that utilities, cleaning, concierge and other services are delivered based on real-time occupancy or historical demand- not guesswork. 

With help from XY Sense, workplace teams can also help businesses to meet their environmental goals by minimizing their carbon footprint.

Connect the dots between people, place and services with XY Sense.

Deliver smart wayfinding for teams

Make it simple for teams to find an available desk or meeting room

More than just historical workplace analytics! XY Sense can help you close the loop on space booking and wayfinding as team members return to offices. 

Our live data feeds can power realtime wayfinding kiosks as well as a a range of booking system and workplace experience platform integrations.

Say goodbye to ‘ghost room bookings’ and hundreds of hours of people time wasted looking for an available desk or meeting room.

Smarter buildings start with the right data

Reduce utility and energy costs

Many companies are searching for ways to reduce utility expenses. Understanding how your office space is being used is the first step in reversing wastage. 

XY Sense occupancy and workplace analytics enable companies to better understand resource demand and formulate plans to reduce utility and energy costs. 

We also support integrations with BMS platforms to assist in modulating HVAC, lighting and energy consumption.

Optimize overheads. Deliver safer spaces.

Targeted cleaning
based on heat maps

Monitor daily floor traffic, meeting room utilization and space usage down to the desk level, allowing forensic cleaning and sanitizing of only what has been used. With precise heat maps of all workplace areas, 

XY Sense enables smarter, targeted cleaning to cut costs and eliminate employee concerns.

Floor three cleaning map
Perks without waste

Reduce unnecessary food waste

In certain industries like advanced financial services and tech, companies offer employees perks like free breakfast and lunch to maximize in-office time but what happens when the kitchen and social spaces on every floor is stocked but occupancy and utilization varies dramatically across floors? You waste a lot of food and services team member time. 

XY Sense helps company avoid high wastage of food and other “consumables” by enabling workplace and facilities team to align purchasing with occupancy trends and forecasted demand.

Support a more sustainable built environment

Progress sustainability goals towards net zero carbon emissions

A majority of the world’s companies are committed to net zero emissions targets to combat the effects of climate change.

While achieving these goals requires significant progress on multiple fronts, XY Sense supports these efforts and helps companies better manage their carbon footprint by informing future office construction works, the required scope of office fitouts, decisions to lease more or less space and how to moderate energy, utility, food services based on actual human need. 

XY Sense Use Cases

The occupancy sensor Powered by the latest developments in machine learning
Our product

It all starts with our
advanced sensor

Powered by the latest developments in machine learning, XY Sense delivers the ultimate privacy-preserving sensor for workplace teams. Featuring enormous sensor coverage, live data feeds, advanced AI capabilities and cost-effective install options, XY Sense helps workplace teams maximize ROI from a sensor investment.

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