Use sensor data to improve workplace experience for your team

Every workplace and team is unique and so are their space needs.

With XY Sense you can navigate the intersection of employee experience and place. Resolve friction points and targeting initiatives towards an improved experience aligned with your company culture.

Best of all, our anonymous XY coordinate data means understanding workplace experience without excessive surveys or a lack of privacy for your team.

How can XY Sense support workplace experience?

Close the loop on space booking

Make it simpler to find a desk or meeting room

Know what office space and resources are in use in real-time and remove the hassle from ‘checking in’ to room and desk bookings.

XY Sense can capture the anonymous coordinates of space users accurate to 1 ft every 2 seconds. This means you can offer next-generation desk and space booking kiosks and alerts for team members. Employee productivity will skyrocket and no-shows will never be a problem again.

Capture the hard data on your office usability

Unlock workplace behavioral insights

What days are meeting rooms most busy? Is anyone actually using that row of stand-up desks?
XY Sense gives you the ability to understand the intricacies of employee engagement and how team members interact with your workspace environment.

Understand travel times between zones based on real employee journeys. Pinpoint high-traffic areas and sit/stand behaviors to empower smarter decision-making and planning. Deliver a more positive experience and have more engaged employees.

Targeted cleaning based on heat maps
Live occupancy data Real-time social distancing monitoring and alerts
Back to office tools

Create safer spaces in the era of COVID-19

Navigate the complexities of returning to office and improve employee experience by helping team members choose safe seating based on real-time occupancy feeds from XY Sense.

Boost employee satisfaction and enhance employee experience management with data-driven policies and practices.  Safe offices deliver a positive employee experience when paired with your proactive internal communications. 

Data-driven workplace design

Create workplaces
that workers thrive in

Create spaces people enjoy working in with the meaningful data provided by our Area Sensors and Insights Platform. Boost employee retention and consistently deliver a good employee experience for all your teams. 

Make powerful discoveries through data-driven space and design experimentation so you can customize space configurations depending on the team or function.

Targeted cleaning based on heat maps
The occupancy sensor Powered by the latest developments in machine learning
Our product

It all starts with our
advanced sensor

Powered by the latest developments in machine learning, XY Sense delivers the ultimate privacy-preserving sensor for workplace teams. Featuring enormous sensor coverage, live data feeds, advanced AI capabilities and cost-effective install options, XY Sense helps workplace teams maximize ROI from a sensor investment.

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