VOX features XY Sense in latest article; The “return to office” won’t save the office

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In their recent article VOX explores the realities of post-pandemic office attendance and the changing role which office spaces play in workplaces and society at large. 

XY Sense’s new Workplace Utilization Index is referenced; 

The weak return-to-office movement means that a lot of office space is being left empty. In North America, office utilization — the number of spaces that are used as a percentage of all spaces available — is currently at about 21 percent, less than half what it was pre-pandemic, according to XY Sense, a company that uses sensors to track office occupancy. That’s consistent with data from key card swipe company Kastle, which shows US office occupancy levels to be at 50 percent of its pre-pandemic levels.

And our CoFounder & CEO, Alex Birch is quoted; 

Despite more of them announcing returns to the office, “very few organizations appear to be enforcing returns, or approaching pre-pandemic levels,” Alex Birch, XY Sense’s founder, told Vox. “From what we hear in the market, many organizations are planning to downsize as leases expire and are measuring their space to determine by how much they need to downsize.”

Check out the full article here. 

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