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Area Sensor Demo

Watch a recorded demo of XY Sense’s advanced workplace occupancy sensor. Witness the real time accuracy and precision of our next-generation Area Sensor in this live sensor demo from XY Sense CoFounder, Alex Birch.  

Insights Platform Demo

At XY Sense, we’ve built a world-leading smart sensor platform to help you access and act on workplace data in real-time. 

Watch this demonstration from our Data Science Lead, Aditya Vishwanathan, to see our simple and easy-to-use analytics platform in action. 

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XY Sense Solution Brief

Learn more about our advanced workplace sensor platform.

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A compilation of the latest workplace data, this invaluable whitepaper is yours to download. We’ve designed it as an overview of utilization data and how those findings can translate to your workplace strategy.

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the Entry Sensor

People counting, made simple

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