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Watch a demo of XY Sense working live in a real office environment. When it comes to our real-time accuracy, seeing is believing. And we’re proud to be the market leader when it comes to both the coverage range and real-time precision of our occupancy sensor solution. 

See how XY Sense can detect human occupancy in a space and position 100% anonymous ‘X and Y’ coordinates of people to within one foot of accuracy, in real-time. XY Sense also tracks entry and exit counts for spaces like meeting rooms, providing you with real-time people counting insights for each space.

All of this highly accurate real-time data feeds into our workplace insights platform. Which aggregates across time and gives teams powerful insights into how much space and what types of space their employees need, taking the guesswork out of workplace strategy and design. XY Sense data is also available via API to power real-time booking tools and sustainable smart building applications. 

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