Webinar – Everything you need to know about deploying workplace sensors

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Webinar : Everything you need to know about deploying workplace sensors


What’s really involved in deploying sensors?

In this webinar, our Head of Customer Success, Shivaun Ryan, provides a step-by-step briefing on everything you need to know when deploying sensors in your workplace.

Learn how to maximise ROI from workplace sensors and avoid common mistakes when planning your own sensor implementation.

What to expect:
– Best practices when defining your workplace analytics and sensor coverage requirements
– Which internal stakeholders need to be involved
– How sensor installation works
– How to integrate floor plans and map spaces for analytics
– Going live; How to communicate with employees
– The inside scoop! Things our customers say they wish they’d planned for before installing their workplace sensors

Watch the webinar on-demand

Download the free sensor project planning template!

To support webinar viewers, we’ve prepared a handy project planning spreadsheet which lays out the critical milestones in a sensor deployment, who’s responsible and what some indicative timelines for each milestone.

You can download this template for your own planning by clicking the link below!
Download Template

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