Webinar: How to drive ROI from occupancy sensors

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In a world where workplace teams are facing increasing pressures to reduce real costs while improving workplace experience, it’s little wonder that 90% of companies are looking to track space utilization to better understand office/portfolio performance and employee space preferences.

But deploying sensors requires investment and ROI is not always guaranteed.

In this webinar, we’ll explore the key ways occupancy sensors generate value for workplace teams and the key factors to consider when designing occupancy sensor deployments to maximize ROI.

With insights from special guests, who have first hand experience leading occupancy sensor deployments across global offices, you’ll leave the session with great ideas for enhancing ROI from your workplace analytics initiatives.

Our speakers/panellists:
– Shane Radford, Workplace Insights Manager & Senior Account Lead, USA/EMEA
– Robert Wainwright, Associate Director, Workplace Occupancy, CBRE
– Ken Wu, Workplace Technology Program Manager, Intuit

Whether you’re researching available technologies, in the process of deploying sensors, or looking to drive more value from existing occupancy intelligence programs, don’t miss this interactive deep dive on all things sensors & ROI. 

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