Webinar – Occupancy metrics to help you manage a hybrid workplace

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Occupancy metrics to help you manage a hybrid workplace


In a world of rotating team schedules, on-demand desk booking and COVID capacity limits, hybrid workplace teams are having to learn how to manage space and occupancy in ever more agile and dynamic ways.

In this webinar, XY Sense Data Science Lead, Aditya Vishwanathan shows you how to leverage real time occupancy analytics to inform space planning and design in a hybrid workplace.

What to expect:

  • Occupancy metrics 101: What they are and why real time data matters

  • The metrics that matter most to supporting a hybrid workplace in 2021

  • Finding the right balance between desks and collaboration spaces

  • How to use data to forecast space demand & flexibly balance neighbourhoods


For more webinars and resources like this one, visit our resources page.

Or, if you’d like to organise a 1-1 demo of our analytics capability with your team, visit here.

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