Workplace 2021: Owning the unknown with real time data

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Workplace 2021 : Own the unknown with real time data

Watch the on-demand recording of our recent virtual webcast ‘Workplace 2021: Owning the unknown with real time data’

In this virtual discussion XY Sense Founder & CEO, Alex Birch and special guest Simon Davis, Director of Global Technology at Newmark, discuss a framework for workplace leaders to ‘own the unknown’ in 2021 and explore the changing role of real time occupancy sensors the workplace tech stack.


What happens in the webcast?

It’s all about overcoming RTO planning uncertainty and using data to kick your 2021 workplace goals.

  • Simon Davis, (Newmark Executive Director – Global Technology) gives a special presentation on return-to-office trends and what workplace property leaders are prioritising in 2021. Simon also explains a simple five part framework to ‘own the unknown’ this year.

  • There’s a discussion on the impact of the pandemic on workplaces across three key time horizons; immediate re-boarding, the near-term and futurecasting. And we dig into what the rise of flexible working and what this means for space planning in 2021 (to downsize or not to downsize).

  • Finally, we explore the role of real time in the 2021 workplace tech stack – How to leverage real time office utilization data to enable safer office re-entries, de-risk real estate decisioning and boost ROI from existing IWMS systems.

  • The webcast finishes with the some tips on how to get started and audit your current workplace data maturity.

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For more guides and information on the 2021 return to office and post-pandemic workplace strategy, check out our resources section.

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