What data do you get from occupancy sensors?

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What data do you get from occupancy sensors?

This blog is part of our ‘Sensors 101’ series for workplace teams.

That depends on what you are trying to get out of your workplace occupancy sensors – it also depends on the type of sensor you install. A desk or phone sensor, for example, will provide vastly different data streams to a people counter or a ceiling-mounted area-occupancy sensor. 

The amount of information these occupancy sensors provide will also differ according to the hardware and your particular data needs. Some workplace sensors provide specific details about who is doing what around the office, which can create problems with anonymity – not to mention getting your staff to buy-in to the product. Other occupancy sensors, like those designed by XY Sense, anonymize the data by only sending the X and Y coordinates of where an individual is relative to the sensor’s range. 

For many businesses – especially those trying to get as much data as possible to help inform an office refit, downsizing or a shift to a more hybrid-friendly workplace – it’s recommended that you choose an occupancy sensor that is able to provide real-time updates. The data that is continuously collected will show you trends over time that may be missed by batched data-collection methods (such as badge swipes) or basic people counters. In order to make any large-scale office changes work, you need as much information as possible.

Importantly, occupancy sensors can be helpful when convincing business leaders or the C-suite about necessary changes to your workspace. Sensor data proves attendance figures and usage of specific spaces and therefore can’t be refuted.

Best of all, with a workplace occupancy sensor like XY Sense, the real-time data availability means you get up-to-the-second information on what’s happening around your office. This allows for faster – and smarter – decision-making, while giving you peace of mind that any COVIDSafe or social-distancing restrictions will be monitored uninterrupted.

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