What do occupancy sensors do?

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What do occupancy sensors do?

This blog is part of our sensors 101 series for workplace teams.

In its most basic form, an occupancy sensor is designed to detect whether or not humans are in a specific space that is covered by the sensor’s range. However, modern workplace occupancy sensors, such as XY Sense, are much more sophisticated than a typical footfall or people counter.

Depending on the type of sensor you install in your office, it will provide varying degrees of information. Some workplace sensors show you which rooms are occupied and which are empty, others use heat signatures to show the exact number of people who are in a room at any one time, while more advanced occupancy sensors can provide data on how long the room has been in use.

Considering the effects the pandemic has had on most workplaces, social distancing measures will be the norm for some time to come. With a real-time occupancy sensor, businesses can support social distancing in office environments as well as capture accurate utilization data for post-pandemic space planning and downsizing. Armed with this real-time data, COVID-19 office space planning can ensure team safety, while heatmaps from the sensors can identify where foot traffic has been all day to optimize cleaning costs.

XY Sense is one of the most advanced workplace occupancy sensors on the market. It’s been designed to leverage the latest in machine-learning technologies to deliver truly real-time, pinpoint-accurate office occupancy data. That means businesses can benefit from:

  • Advanced sensor techniques that track people not tags or devices.

  • Truly real-time analytics that update every two seconds.

  • The best positional resolution on the market that captures sights between 1–3ft.

  • 1000ft line of sights offers one of the largest ranges of any occupancy sensor on the market, equivalent to 20 desks or workpoints.

  • Enterprise-grade security and privacy, which protects your business and your people by only capturing X and Y coordinates – no images of your workplace ever leave the sensor, even during set-up!

To learn more about XY Sense, download our solution brief or a book a demo with our team.

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