What to look for an in an occupancy sensor

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What to look for in an occupancy sensor?

This blog is part of our ‘Sensors 101’ series for workplace teams.

Workplace occupancy sensors can collect a huge amount of valuable information about how staff move about your offices, where there are optimization gaps, and what you should change to streamline the workplace for greater collaboration and productivity. However, because there are many different occupancy sensors on the market, you will want to define your company’s specific needs first.

Are your staff not taking advantage of breakout rooms and collaboration spaces? Do you want to reduce your overheads by downsizing? Are you looking to overhaul your offices to adapt to a post-pandemic hybrid workforce? Uncovering your pain points shows you exactly what to look for in an occupancy sensor. 

To help get you started, here’s why many businesses choose XY Sense workplace occupancy sensors:

  • Accuracy: Real-time capture data that’s accurate to 1ft (30cm), meaning businesses can better understand occupancy and paths of movement.

  • Range: The widest AI sensor coverage on the market means you can get coverage across 1000ft (up to 20 desks) which is double what some competitor sensors can achieve. This is all done while retaining accuracy and real-time tooling.

  • Anonymity: As our name suggests, XY Sense occupancy sensors only ever capture the X and Y coordinates of people moving around your office. It’s 100% private and anonymous, and no images are ever saved or sent anywhere.

  • Easy installation: Proprietary SenseLink technology allows the ‘daisy-chaining’ of multiple sensors during installation. This reduces your cabling needs, means zero managed switches are required, and ensures no ongoing battery maintenance costs.

  • Analytics: The reason you’ve installed workplace occupancy sensors is to gather relevant information, and with XY Sense you get superior analytics plus more use cases. Actionable insights are just a click of a button away, with the ability to monitor live occupancy views or dive into a library of configurable dashboards.

To learn more about XY Sense, download our solution brief or a book a demo with our team.

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