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The Google Analytics of workplace optimization is finally here!

The XY Sense Insights Platform transforms mountains of highly accurate, anonymous, real-time sensor data into meaningful workplace insights and space recommendations. 

Say goodbye to guesswork and finally make workplace recommendations with confidence. 

workplace Analytics sensor dashboard

What makes our workplace analytics so special?

Rich library of
workplace dashboards

The insights you need across desks, meeting rooms, floors and team neighborhoods, all at the click of a button.

occupancy views

Monitor utilization in your workplace, live! Support live wayfinding and occupancy displays.


Real-time APIs deliver actionable data for workplace desk booking and space management software.


Customize daily, weekly, monthly reports and schedules to send to stakeholders.

Workplace insights to explore

High positional accuracy for richer data capture Real-time data with unparalleled accuracy
Feature 01

Rich, real-time data
with unparalleled accuracy

XY Sense captures sightings down to 1ft (30cm) every 2 seconds with no lag time, delivering intelligence way beyond the simple counting of people at desks. Drive long-term workplace ROI with real-time occupancy data feeds that support more use cases; such as sensor-driven space booking/hoteling, wayfinding and more.

Feature 02

Wider coverage
= a lower total cost

XY Sense is proven to require 2-3x fewer sensors for whole floor coverage vs. competitive products resulting in a lower total cost of ownership (TOC). With a massive per sensor coverage range of 1000 sq ft or up to 20 desks, you can monitor more space for less cost with XY Sense. And never at the cost of accuracy.

Feature 03

100% Private & anonymous

With XY Sense workplace sensors, only XY coordinates are captured as movements on a floor plan, ensuring anonymity and privacy of your entire team. Each sensor runs a proprietary custom neural network, which processes anonymous scene information on the XY Sense device in real-time. With no images saved or sent, security is guaranteed

Feature 04

Smarter install options

The XY Sense proprietary technology allows multiple sensors to be ‘daisy-chained’ together during installation to draw power and data from a single source. This means no managed switches required, no ongoing battery maintenance costs and 80% less cabling when compared to a traditional Power over Ethernet (PoE) installation.

National and global portfolio analytics
The bigger picture, at a glance

National and global
portfolio analytics

Monitor workplace occupancy and utilization across floors, locations and regions from one place with XY Sense Insights. Track utilization trends across your portfolio to identify when specific locations will meet utilization thresholds. Benchmark costs and compare regions or locations.

Go deep on desks and workpoints Desk utilization and capacity
Go deep on desks and workpoints

Desk utilization
and capacity

Understand workpoint utilization down to individual desks and hours of use across your portfolio. Track peak usage and support transitions to activity-based working.

Analyze usage of meeting spaces across your workplace.
Get the inside scoop on meeting trends

Meeting room insights

Analyze usage of meeting spaces across your workplace and adapt your office space strategy to drive maximum employee satisfaction.

Understand average room occupancy, dwell time or length of meeting as well as whether meeting rooms are consistently over or under capacity protocols.

Supply vs. demand (popular spaces) Occupancy sensor analytics data
Find out which spaces your team loves (and loathes!)

Supply vs. demand
(popular spaces) 

Explore ‘hot and ‘cold’ zones across your workplace to understand the most popular configurations of space for your team. Understand potential workplace friction points and inform future fit outs.

Use sensor data to tailor spaces to team needs Neighborhood optimization
Use sensor data to tailor spaces to team needs

Neighborhood optimization

Benchmark utilization across time to support neighborhood balancing and team space forecasting. Understand when specific teams will reach capacity and how space can be reallocated to best support teams.

Goodbye crystal ball. Hello company-led modelling! Predictive utilization
Goodbye crystal ball. Hello company-led modelling!

Predictive utilization

Understand utilization performance at a floor, building and portfolio level. Simply set a target utilization rate for specific assets and monitor projected vs. actual utilization to future proof your real estate strategy.

Deliver new workplace tools for teams

Our real-time sensor data can power live availability displays

More than just historical workplace analytics! XY Sense can help you close the loop on space booking and wayfinding as team members return to offices.

See how XY Sense compares

Find out how the XY Sense Area Sensor compares with other occupancy sensor tools and technologies on the market.

Other Sensors
Long Sensor Range / Coverage
Tested Coverage Range
—1000 sqft
—500 sqft
Pin point positional accuracy
Accurate to 1ft
Real time data
Updates <1 min / Live views
~ 2 secs~ 5–8 mins
Analytics platform + API
Saas analytics options
COVIDSafe features
Capacity alerts & displays
Cost efficient permanent installs
SenseLink proprietary tech
100% Anonymous data. End-to-end encryption.

Privacy and security by design

Here at XY Sense, we know that property teams want to
use office utilization data to create awesome workplace
experiences, not to invade people’s privacy.

That’s why we’ve engineered our products to protect your team’s privacy and your company’s information security at all times.


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