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XY Sense is proud to inform workplace and real estate strategies for leading organizations around the world. 

With thousands of sensors deployed, we capture, interpret and protect billions of anonymous occupancy readings every year from organizations employing over 1.6m people. 

The occupancy sensor Powered by the latest developments in machine learning


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APAC financial services identifies $1.63M in savings by eliminating unnecessary workstations and space

A leading APAC financial services company had implemented a hybrid work policy post-COVID. The Workplace team was tasked with developing a plan to rightsize their office space to drive savings and ensure an efficient resource utilization rate.

XY Sense identified 7K+ sqm in unnecessary space and $5.1M in annual savings for an APAC telecom

A leading APAC telecom challenged its workplace team to significantly reduce real estate costs by identifying unused/underused space, without changing the company’s 1:1 desk ratio. Executive leadership believed that hybrid work policies and behaviors could bring real estate savings.

XY Sense helps US healthcare company boost employee productivity by ~$9.4M by reducing time wasted searching for meeting space

The workplace team of a leading US healthcare company received many complaints about how challenging it was to find vacant meeting spaces. While they had a meeting booking solution in place, it often showed spaces occupied when no meeting was taking place, and “free” rooms when impromptu conversations were actually happening. 

XY Sense workstation recommendation helps business services giant boost hybrid policy compliance by more than 20%

A global business services companies was struggling with a low compliance rate for its hybrid guidelines at one of its largest location. Rather than resort to punitive measures to improve compliance, they wanted to attract more people to come into the office each week by making the workplace a more appealing and productive.

Global software company uses XY Sense to cut $750K in real estate costs and improve RTO compliance

A top SaaS software company implemented a voluntary RTO policy, hoping to encourage team members to come in to the office regularly and voluntarily.  They tasked the workplace team to find ways to reduce costs, create a more exciting and appealing office environment, lower carbon emissions as part of an ESG commitment, eliminate “dead” spaces and high congestion areas, and create new types of work space that encouraged greater productivity.

XY Sense helps top European university identify GBP3.2MZ+ in energy savings by reducing services to unoccupied offices and buildings

A large European university was struggling with exploding gas and electricity costs  when Russia’s Ukraine invasion sent energy prices up 60%, Facing an increase in energy costs of £15M in 2022/23, they turned to XY Sense to help them find ways to conserve.

XY Sense insights help leading business services company prevent $130K in unnecessary equipment purchases

The Real Estate and Facilities organization of a leading business services company received a request from their Sales and Client Services organizations for 100 new workstations to accommodate growing teams. Before making these purchases, the workplace teams wanted to  determine if the purchases were necessary or if costs could be reduced in some way.

XY Sense enables top APAC telecom to cut costs by $2.1M by consolidating offices after acquiring a competitor

A leading APAC telecom acquired a competitor and began the process of integration, hoping to improve agility and collaboration by consolidating all staff in a single office. The goal was to sublet or release the 38,000+ sqm office of the acquired company, and minimize space and expense when relocating the acquired team. 

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The XY Sense occupancy intelligence platform

Our Hardware

The Area Sensor

Designed for the unique needs of today’s property teams, the XY Sense wide-area occupancy sensor delivers unparalleled accuracy, lower cost of ownership and rich, live data feeds. 

The result of more than 3 years of fastidious research and development, our sensor represents the next generation in office utilization monitoring, making office space planning less of an art and more of a science. 

The occupancy sensor Powered by the latest developments in machine learning
Entery sensor for monitor people counts across a floor or location
Our Hardware

The Entry Sensor

Confidently monitor people counts across a floor or location in real time, with minimal sensors deployed.

Like our area sensors, all data is 100% anonymous. Get deeper insights into occupancy trends, easily monitor and manage space capacity to ensure safe and well-maintained offices, and ensure ESG-compatibility with our SenseLink daisy chain installation. 

Our Software

The Insights Platform

Like Google Analytics for your workplace, users of our platform can access 100% anonymous live data on desk and office space utilization, meeting room occupancy, neighborhood balancing and so much more. 

Say goodbye to basic people counts and hello to actionable workplace analytics!

workplace Analytics sensor dashboard

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