XY Sense enables top APAC telecom to cut costs by $2.1M by consolidating offices after acquiring a competitor

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Welcome to our blog series on how organizations around the world are driving ROI through the XY Sense platform. 

Today, we explore how XY Sense enabled a top APAC telecom to cut costs by $2.1M by consolidating offices after acquiring a competitor.

The Challenge

A leading APAC telecom acquired a competitor and began the process of integration, hoping to improve agility and collaboration by consolidating all staff in a single office. The goal was to sublet or release the 38,000+ sqm office of the acquired company, and minimize space and expense when relocating the acquired team. Executive leadership hoped that their new hybrid work rules would minimize the need for additional space in the consolidated headquarters location.

The Solution

The real estate team began by using XY Sense data and reports to analyze office and resource utilization in their existing office. Analysis showed that the 1:1 desk-to-people ratio was excessive and low daily occupancy rates likely led to diminished productivity and vibe among the teams. They then developed a model for flexible seating that increased the number of people that could be accommodated in the existing location


XY Sense data showed that if the business moved to flexible seating arrangements, they could easily accommodate the other team in the existing location without adding space. Further, ample workstations and conference room space would be available as a result of a move to flexible seating. Therefore, no additional resources would need to be purchased. Any additional equipment needed could be transferred from the acquired company’s office.

XY Sense data and reports helped the company free up 7,000+ sqm of prime space. By making adjustments in their lease agreements as they came due, the company could realize $5.1M  in annual savings.


Annual Lease Savings

Entire un-neccessary office eliminated

Accelerated integration & enhanced team work

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