XY Sense helps APAC financial services firm identify $1.63M in savings by eliminating unnecessary workstations and space

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Welcome to our blog series on how organizations around the world are driving ROI through the XY Sense platform. 

Today, we explore how XY Sense helped an APAC financial services firm identify $1.63M in savings by eliminating unnecessary workstations and space.

The Challenge

A leading APAC financial services company had implemented a hybrid work policy post-COVID. The Workplace team was tasked with developing a plan to rightsize their office space to drive savings and ensure an efficient resource utilization rate.

The Solution

XY Sense tracks utilization of every resource in an office in real-time and over time. Using the XY Sense reports, the team compared current utilization rates for each department/function to the target utilization rate of 60%. Using this data, the team could define the number of workstations needed by department, while leaving sufficient additional space to accommodate potential future hiring.


XY Sense data showed that departments had workpoint utilization rates of between 10-16%. By moving from a 1:1 seating assignment approach to a pods-based seating plan, the company could reduce workpoint count by 468, freeing up 2,340 sqm. Each department could be assigned the actual number of desks it needed based on actual utilization rates, with team members choosing from desks in their department’s pod when they enter the office. The company could then sublease this space or cut it at the next lease renewal. The company was also excited about the rightsizing because reports suggested that higher utilization rates boosted team collaboration.


Annual Lease Savings

2,340 sqm

Amount of space that can be releaed


Improvement in utilization rate by department

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