XY Sense helps US healthcare company boost employee productivity by ~$9.4M by reducing time wasted searching for meeting space

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Welcome to our blog series on how organizations around the world are driving ROI through the XY Sense platform. 

Today, we explore how XY Sense helped a US healthcare company boost employee productivity by ~$9.4M by reducing time wasted searching for meeting space.

The Challenge

The workplace team of a leading US healthcare company received many complaints about how challenging it was to find vacant meeting spaces. While they had a meeting booking solution in place, it often showed spaces occupied when no meeting was taking place, and “free” rooms when impromptu conversations were actually happening. They wanted to reduce team frustration and enhance workplace productivity by making it faster and easier to find meeting space.

The Solution

The company integrated real-time XY Sense utilization data into its meeting booking platform to show actual  room occupancy on team members’ computers and in-lobby screens.


By saving just 2.5 minutes of time per employee per day (very conservative estimate) in unproductive meeting space searches, the company could realize 72 person-years in productivity gains across its 13,000 person organization. At an average annual employee cost of $130K,, this meant a minimum $9.36M in improved productivity.

XY Sense data and reports helped the company free up 7,000+ sqm of prime space. By making adjustments in their lease agreements as they came due, the company could realize $5.1M  in annual savings.


Measurable productivity gains

72 years

Un-productive in-office time eliminated

Employee friction & frustration reduced

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