XY Sense identifies 7K+ sqm in unnecessary space and $5.1M in annual savings for an APAC telecom

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Welcome to our blog series on how organizations around the world are driving ROI through the XY Sense platform. 

Today, we explore how XY Sense identified 7K+ sqm in unnecessary space and $5.1M in annual savings for an APAC telecom.

The Challenge

A leading APAC telecom challenged its Workplace team to significantly reduce real estate costs by identifying unused/underused space, without changing the company’s 1:1 desk ratio. Executive leadership believed that hybrid work policies and behaviors could bring real estate savings.

The Solution

The company leveraged XY Sense resource utilization data and reports to determine if there were underutilized spaces that could be released in the next lease negotiation.\


First, they identified conference rooms and workstations that were never or almost never used. This helped identify several thousands disused square meters. Then they compared conference room capacity to the average number of people who attended meetings in that space. They quickly discovered most meetings had far fewer participants than capacity, and that by reducing both the number of rooms and shrinking average room size, they could free up thousand more square meters of space. 

XY Sense data and reports helped the company free up 7,000+ sqm of prime space. By making adjustments in their lease agreements as they came due, the company could realize $5.1M  in annual savings.


Annual Lease Savings

7,000 sqm

Under-utilized space identified for lease renewals

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