XY Sense insights help leading business services company prevent $130K in unnecessary equipment purchases

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Welcome to our blog series on how organizations around the world are driving ROI through the XY Sense platform. 

Today, we explore how XY Sense insights helped leading business services company prevent $130K in unnecessary equipment purchases.

The Challenge

The Real Estate and Facilities organization of a leading business services company received a request from their Sales and Client Services organizations for 100 new workstations to accommodate growing teams. Before making these purchases, the workplace teams wanted to  determine if the purchases were necessary or if costs could be reduced in some way.

The Solution

With XY Sense, the workplace team tracked real-time and historic utilization of every resource in an office, including individual workstations. They quickly reviewed utilization for every workstation in the building, measuring occupancy over time and how many hours each day each station was used.


XY Sense data identified >100 workstations in other department neighborhoods that were never or rarely used. The Workplace team met with these other teams with data proving these stations were unnecessary. They also explained that by giving up these seats, they could get rid of dead spaces iand build a more productive and high energy “vibe”.

The team reconfigured floor plan allocations and relocated the workstations into enlarged Sales and Client Services areas. Instead of making $130K in unnecessary purchases, the team reallocated equipment, enhanced the work environment and ensured each team had the ideal space for its people.


Equipment savings

5.5 tons

Of e-waste avoided

Improved office vibe

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