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We love coming together as a team at XY Sense, and our most recent Melbourne onsite was particularly special, as we met some of our US team in person for the very first time.

We pulled out all the stops to give our US crew a proper introduction to Australia. The week kicked off with lamingtons made by Cristabel, followed by a crash course in Aussie slang. Michael, Chase and Shane saw their first footy match, and Jane controversially indoctrinated all three to the Melbourne Demons AFL team. 

Before jetting back home, we sat down with Chase, Mike and Shane to get their take on what it’s like working for an Aussie startup, and why it’s such an exciting time to be joining XY Sense. 

Meet our US dream team 

Mike (left) is our BD Manager based in New York. He previously worked at Serraview, the company built by our co-founders Alex and Luke, before joining as our first US team member. He’s excited to be partnering with customers to help them build better workplaces. 

Shane (middle) is our US Customer Success Manager in Kansas City and newest addition to the XY team. We were immediately taken by Shane’s warm sense of humor, ability to make people feel at ease and secret musical abilities (this guy rocks!). We’re stoked to have him join the XY team (and band)! 

Chase (right) is leading the charge as our US Head of Sales based in San Diego, California. Chase is passionate about building early stage companies and has spent the last five years driving growth in SaaS companies in the commercial real estate space.

It’s been a huge week! How would you summarize your time here in three words?

An unexpected adventure

– Shane

Too much beer

– Mike

Really good coffee

– Chase

What’s the most surprising thing about working at XY Sense?  

Chase: How advanced the product is for a seed stage company. It blows my mind how much R+D has gone into the product and how rapidly we’re approaching hardware engineering and manufacturing for global scale. As a seed round company, having this kind of strong  product foundation to go to market is really exciting. 

What originally caught your attention about XY Sense? 

Shane: The opportunity to have a real impact. Being part of an international team gives me the freedom to figure out what works here in Australia, and improve and tweak that process for our customers in the US. I had plenty of other offers when I applied for XY, but I didn’t want to be another cog in a wheel. I would have found that stifling. 

Mike: I realized immediately there was great opportunity for growth here. Coming from the CRE space, the differentiators and the value prop of an occupancy sensor was really obvious – even pre covid, I could see a huge gap there based on conversations I’d had with customers. To be able to help build better workplaces and change the future of the office as we know it is really exciting. 

Joining such a young team also gives you the opportunity to build the culture and put foundational processes in place as we continue to grow. We have the opportunity to create that playbook, to figure out what works in the US and to continue to grow the team from there. It’s an awesome time to be joining XY. 

Why is now a great time to join XY Sense?

Chase: Joining the team when there’s been such a transformational shift in the way businesses are run has been really exciting. The pandemic catalyzed a huge shift, so to be part of the solution and help our customers understand how to be efficient in this new world is exciting.

We also have founders who have done it before, which takes some of the risk out of joining a startup. Both Alex and Luke have a deep understanding of the CRE space and made a successful exit. Pair that with the timing of the market. That’s really exciting.

We’re hiringWe commercialized 18 months ago and have tripled since then. We’re rapidly expanding into the US and on the lookout for talented people to join our founding team. 

Here’s what’s on offer: 

  • We want all employees to be part of our success, so we offer an attractive ESOP package and a lot of upside given our growth path.
  • We offer Gold Tier United health benefits including dental, vision and life. 
  • Beyond the REM, you can expect a team with a can-do attitude and who don’t take themselves too seriously but take pride in their work and genuinely care for each other. 

You can check out our open roles at XY sense right here.

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