How XY Senselink Saved a Client $12M

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XY Senselink Savings

The XY Sense team spent years developing better ways to install, collect insights, and safeguard security and privacy – before we started offering our sensors and platform to clients. As creators of an occupancy planning and analytics solution geared toward enterprise, we knew innovation and technological leadership would be crucial to our long-term success. We wanted to offer the best solution to the biggest companies in the world. One of our innovative approaches recently helped a client save a great deal of money during implementation. In the post that follows, learn about the $12M in installation costs avoided via XY Senselink savings. 

Our Approach: Optimize Everything

We invested a great deal of time and money to find ways to cut costs and complexity from every part of our area sensors, entry sensors, and insights platformMaking a business case for occupancy analytics is relatively easy – the business value far exceeds costs. But that doesn’t mean vendors should ignore exploring ways to reduce costs significantly. So, we developed a better way to install sensors that saves time, money, and materials. 

The XY Senselink Installation Model

The standard way to install sensors is via the “star network” model. With the star model, each sensor has a separate connection to the networking and power source, increasing cabling and boosting costs and extending installation cycles. To address unnecessary installation complexity and waste, we devised a model that leverages a centralized hub paired with innovative sensor devices that can be wired in a daisy chain. Our daisy-chain model drives significant savings from seven key sources:

  1. Shortened installation time because cables only run short distances to the hub and don’t need to extend back to a PoE switch
  2. Omission of PoE switches, which are currently in short supply and can take up to a year to order
  3. Reduction in cabling congestion for a faster installation with fewer opportunities for confusion and cabling errors
  4. Ability to utilize shorter, pre-fitted cables, which cost far less than continuous rolls of ethernet cable
  5. Use of our exclusive XY Hub technology, which eliminates the need for POE switch equipment 
  6. Exclusive use of low-voltage equipment, which eliminates the need for high-cost, high-voltage electricians to complete the install
  7. Dramatically reduced metal and plastic demands to enhance sustainability. This is in addition to battery-free sensors

Our model drives far lower costs from a reduction of about 75% in cabling, significantly lower power equipment expenses, and less expensive technicians to manage the installation. These advantages can translate to hundreds of thousands in savings per deployment and millions in savings for large implementations.

Real-World Savings Example

Here’s a real-world example of the savings from daisy-chain installation for one of our global clients. The client wanted to install our solution across their locations in eleven APAC markets. Each deployment was a large, multi-floor facility. The company asked for deployment costs for XY Senselink versus a star configuration network. The cost differential was staggering – a 39% savings on deployment costs alone. Our XY Senselink daisy-chain approach saved ~$12M in installation costs and enhanced sustainability.

Cost of Traditional Star Configuration:       USD  $30,960,000

Cost of XY Senselink Install:                          USD  $19,041,000

Savings:                                                                  USD  $11,919,000

Of course, not every client has a deployment footprint this large. But the 39% savings carried through to individual facilities. Daisy-chain installation is just one example of how XY Sense has innovated to ensure companies get the best occupancy measurement and analytics quickly and efficiently. 

XY Sense has led the industry with many other innovations to deliver a scalable, enterprise-grade solution – from “wide-area” sensors that reduce the number of devices required for an installation to “edge processing” that ensures complete security and privacy for your company and people. The XY Sense platform powers real-time occupancy with detections every 2 seconds and unsurpassed precision in location detection down to X and Y coordinates.

We’d love to show you how XY Sense has taken occupancy analytics to a higher level. If you’d like more information on XY Sense and how we can help your team, visit our website or request a demo.

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