XY Sense vs. other workplace sensors 

Find out why workplace teams prefer XY Sense.

The best occupancy sensor for monitoring office utilization in real time time, engineered to minimize costs for workplace teams. 

Why pay more for a sensor which delivers less?

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XY Sense is an exciting new alternative to workplace sensor solutions like CoWorkr, Density, PointGrab and Vergesense.

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The XY Sense difference

Occupancy sensor

Unparalleled accuracy + Live occupancy data feeds.

XY Sense captures occupancy sightings down to 1ft (30cm) every 2 seconds – with no lag. See and verify data accuracy in your platform live!

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Save money with 2-3x fewer sensors to purchase/install for whole of floor coverage (when compared to alternatives). Daisy-chain install options save money, time and protect building sustainability ratings. 

Powerful workplace insights + tooling

Turn data into actionable insight with dashboards designed for property teams. Our API data flows support LIVE integrations into your proptech & IWMS stack.

100% Anonymous & private

Only XY coordinates are captured as movements on a floor plan, ensuring anonymity and privacy of your entire team. Each sensor runs a proprietary custom neural network, which processes anonymous scene information on the XY Sense device in real-time. With no images saved or sent, security is guaranteed. 

How does XY Sense compare?

If you’re in workplace experience management you’re probably familiar with the different types of utilization tools and occupancy sensor technologies outlined below.

  • Surveys 
  • Lighting sensors
  • Employee badge systems
  • WiFi & bluetooth tracking
  • CCTV/Security cameras
  • Under desk PIR sensors
  • Thermal sensors
  • Ultra-wide band/ radar / RFID systems
  • People counters

So how does XY Sense compare? 

When you benchmark common occupancy measurement tools against the use case requirements of property teams today, XY Sense offers both the most comprehensive capabilities (in terms of real-time monitoring and employee experience tooling) and the greatest protections for data security and privacy.

Xysense Comparison table

Check out our ‘Ultimate Guide to Office Occupancy Tools’ for further details.

XY Sense Pros, Cons & Cost


  • Has the longest range of any sensor or thermal camera on the market (+1000sq.ft/20 desks) meaning 2-3 x fewer sensors need be installed to achieve whole-of-floor coverage. This means it’s more cost effective.
  • Whole of space coverage and high resolution/accuracy. The real-time sensor captures people movement <1 ft every 2 seconds allowing you to properly understand how people are using the space across time as opposed to just counting them.
  • Truly real-time data capture and live floorplan views allow for new forms of real-time monitoring and end-user tools for people using the office space (for example maps of available desks, real-time social distancing alerts for COVID)
  • Engineered to be private-by-design, secure-by-design and comply with enterprise InfoSec requirements. The sensor only records 100% “X” and “Y” ground point coordinates and anonymous metadata. Not capable of identifying individuals or collecting personal information.
  • 100% Passive data capture – You don’t need people to carry a tag or be connected to a specific network.
  • Daisy-chain installation capability allows up to 18 sensors to be connected to one 4g hub. This means simpler, cheaper permanent installs than other solutions.
  • Customer analytics platform is provided as part of the solution with a variety of out-of-the-box dashboards and reporting. No need to manually wrangle and interpret data.
  • An open API also allows for simple integration into other IWMS or BMS solutions.
  • Can also be deployed for real-time People Counting in entrances or exits where that use case fits while maintaining the above benefits.


  • As it is a low-powered, environmentally friendly solution, it does require a permanent installation. As such it’s less applicable for ‘point in time’ studies.


  • Comparable per unit cost when compared with the majority of computer vision sensors, thermal cameras and UWB solutions on the market. Lower cost alternative to some radar based people counting solutions. 

  • Critically, the range of our sensors means up to 50% fewer sensors are required to be purchased/installed for whole of floor coverage (when compared to alternatives). 

  • Our unique daisy-chain install options also save money, time and protect building sustainability ratings. Use up to 80% less cabling (when compared with traditional PoE installs) without the need for any additional switches on the floor. 

Calculating ROI from occupancy sensors

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